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You have probably come across the big kite books on making Paper, Soft, Dowel and Skewer based designs by now. By 'books' I mean downloadable, printable e-books in PDF file format. Publications on individual kites are also available as e-books in the same format.

The complete catalog is listed below. Feel free to browse around. Click / tap on any cover that looks interesting.

Shhh... this is a library remember!


You'll always find the very latest release here. So this time, it's the 10-Cell Skewer Tetrahedral kite. And if you order the Making Box Kites compilation e-book - you'll find the tetra in there too.


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E-book - Making The MBK 10-Cell Skewer Tetrahedral Kite.

MBK E-book Bundle

OK, if you are not a complete 'kite nut' like me, you might want to skip this section. ...

Still here? Good!

See those compilation e-books down below? You can have the lot...

The price of this Bundle is much less than the total cost of buying all the compilations separately. Let alone the cost of buying all the e-books for individual kite designs.

This is a wise and frugal choice if you will be making kites for years to come.


Compilations Of Kite E-books

The main purpose of these e-books is to provide all of this site's kite plans and instructions in a more convenient form than live web pages. They also contain many designs that do not have instructions posted on the pages of this website... 



Those last 2 compilations have considerably larger collections of designs, hence the higher price.

Individual Paper Kites

Who hasn't got paper and tape at home? Here's 5 designs you can try... 









Individual Soft Kites

A friend of mine is of the opinion that you won't find kite-making resources like these anywhere else on the Web. I do tend to put some effort into it - so perhaps he's right :-)

Really, anyone can make these kites. It's just a matter of taking it step by step...

Individual Dowel Kites

If you want to 'try it in case you like it', buying an inexpensive set of instructions for a single kite design of your choice might be the way to go. Some of these include a BONUS design that is twice the size (4 times the sail area) and yet packs down to the same length as the Dowel version. Here they are...

Box Kites!

Some more Dowel designs, at the same price...

The Dowel Box Kite - Moderate Wind Version

The Dowel Box Kite - Fresh Wind Version

The 10-Cell Skewer Tetra...

Making The MBK 10-Cell Skewer Tetrahedral Kite

And finally, here's a direct link to buy plans and tips for the huge Multi-Dowel Box kite. Recommended for experienced kite fliers!

Can't Read Your e-book?

The PDF file format used by my e-books is good for downloading and printing off text and pictures from the Internet. So, the 'book' is actually a file stored on your computer or tablet. All you need is the free and easy-to-use Adobe Reader installed on your computer.

PDFs are designed for easy magnification of the print size if desired, for on-screen reading, and easy selection of pages to print out. When you do a print-out, the content is nicely formatted on each page. Unlike just trying to print straight from a website!

By securing a full printout in a simple binder you can make a handy addition to your collection of kite books. Make a start on your own kiting library today!

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