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10 Top Shots, From Heart-Warming to Eye-Popping!

These kite pictures begin with a homey image of my small son flying an even smaller diamond kite. Simple joy and wonder right there! Then follows a series of single-liner pictures ranging from in-flight close-ups to mass formations taken at a large kite festival.

There's a real eye-popper right at the end. Just when I thought the position of the sun was going to be a problem ;-)

With only 10 pictures of kites in this sample of kite photography, this page shouldn't be too much slower to load than other pages on this site. View all this on a PC or laptop if you can, for best results.


Kite Pictures Featuring Kids

3-year-old Aren with an equally tiny home-made diamond kite.
3-year-old Aren with an equally tiny home-made diamond kite.

Our son Aren when he was barely old enough to walk. But he could grasp a small plastic winder! The kite is flying low since the little fella had briefly trotted towards it as it flew. Downwind! At least that situation made it easier to frame up the picture.

Spider-man and a delta being towed - popular kids' kites.
Spider-man and a delta being towed - popular kids' kites.

This photo belongs to the popular 'kids towing kites' genre. :-)  The image was taken at a public event in the South Parklands of Adelaide, our home city in South Australia. Tall trees were everywhere, blocking the breeze, so a little towing was necessary from time to time. The kids had fun.

Other Single-liners

A colorful and stylized bird kite. Always a head-turner.
A colorful and stylized bird kite. Always a head-turner.

This colorful swallow-tailed bird kite was snapped at the local kite festival one year. With not a cloud in the sky, the sunshine was at full strength. Ideal weather for photographing colorful kites.

Eye-catching kids' delta kite.
Eye-catching kids' delta kite.

A close-up of a fairly big kids' delta in flight. These kites are typically made from fiberglass spars and rip-stop nylon material for the sail. Deltas are very efficient in light winds, holding a steep flying angle.

Semi-flying inflatables. Non-marine creatures for a change!
Semi-flying inflatables. Non-marine creatures for a change!

Here's a couple of mid-sized inflatables, with a bit of humor designed in, I suspect! The largest of these are far too expensive for most individual kite fliers, but the same designs in smaller sizes are more affordable. Sea creatures are particularly popular subjects, since they tend to move realistically in the air. See if you can spot a few of these in the background.

"Love the easy to understand step by step instructions, made from next to nothing materials and above all so much fun to fly... cheers Tim for sharing your well thought out pdf kite designs with the whole world. Very satisfying making your own and watching them get air-born for the first time."

"I decided to run kite making as an elective again on this camp in the past week - so I bought all your e-books, a bunch of materials, and then took a group of 10 high school students through making the kites over 4 days. We built a diamond, a Barn Door, a Delta, and two skew delta kites. Again - every single kite flew."

More Kite Images From The AIKF

AIKF? The Adelaide International Kite Festival, held annually (almost!) in South Australia. Here is a selection of images from several years, in no particular order...

AIKF - kite arch of small diamonds.
AIKF - kite arch of small diamonds.
AIKF - marine line laundry!
AIKF - marine line laundry!
AIKF - kite trains by Robert Brasington.
AIKF - kite trains by Robert Brasington.
AIKF - the sky stuffed full of kites.
AIKF - the sky stuffed full of kites.
AIKF - big Rays blot out the sun.
AIKF - big Rays blot out the sun.


And Many More...

I happen to have quite a substantial account over at Pinterest. More high-quality kite pics than you could poke a stick at! Feel free to browse around and perhaps re-pin a few.

See over there on the right... Were you expecting to find a usable version of that little picture somewhere? This was an old page and - guess what - I didn't have the rights to that image and several others! Hence they have all been replaced with roughly equivalent original images from our archives.

Hope you enjoyed those kite photos, which really cover just the tiniest portion of the wonderful world of modern kiting.

(And just for something different, why not check out some amazing photography where the kite picture doesn't necessarily feature a kite or kites in close-up!)

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