Is That a Kite Picture?

The Kite Just Enhances the Image!

If you've been to this site before, you will have come across the occasional kite picture, without a doubt! But most of these images are strictly illustrative. In other words, the page contains specific info about particular kites, and a photo or two is necessary to show you exactly what I am going on about.

This page, however, is different...

While not having much artistic talent as such, I do appreciate good images—for example, in landscape photography. Have a browse through these eight amazing photos which all feature a kite or kites. And yet, the pictures would be good even if the kites weren't in the frame! It's possible that most of the photographers weren't even on a mission to photograph anything flying in the sky. They were just there at the right time and place.

For some reason, the small number of specific searches I did at Flikr to unearth these images returned the work of some particularly talented and prolific photographers! Enjoy the images further down this page. Each kite picture is quite unique.


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Funny guy. How obvious do you think his psuedonym is? Have another look at the photographer's name... Anyway...

Three things struck me about this incredible black-and-white image:

  1. The natural light-show going on in the sky.
  2. The almost solid-looking texture happening in the foreground water surface. And...
  3. The somewhat surreal middle section featuring people oddly assembled on a hill, doing who knows what.

Great photo!

Oh, the kites... See if you can spot two kites, possibly diamonds, with tails. Also, there are another two kites without tails.


This is a simply superb shot which captures so much building variety and detail in this view of New York. And of course, the Empire State Building adds extra interest.

You can't miss the kite here, a large delta sporting a long colorful tail. This adds a splash of color, balancing the brightly dressed people down below.

Finally, that fence forms a remarkably well-aligned border along the bottom edge of the photo.


There's exceptional lighting in this fairly typical late-afternoon beach scene. But wait...

Is that a surfing kite way out there? And is that its owner, a little closer toward the foreground? If it wasn't for that clue, you might glance at this several times before your eye stumbles across the kite.


Spot the trapped kite...Photo courtesy of D'Arcy Norman

This kite picture seems to get more picturesque the closer to the center you look. Apparently, the bit of color attached to one of the lower power-lines is a kite that has been "eaten" by them!

I like how the long, thin shadow runs parallel to the power lines, effectively framing that picture-book little hill and windy path.


This is a nicely composed shot, which could have just been about the surfer in the center...

But there's the kite, its white sail matching the flecks of white elsewhere in the frame. That is, the buildings, the white rocks in the cliff face, and the whitecaps on the water that are giving away the wind strength powering the kite! Balancing the white are the two very dark areas—the shadow of the mountain and the seaweed below the water in the foreground.


The starkly non-natural object plumb in the middle of this shot is what catches your eye. There's a large flowform kite with tail length to match. But it's interesting how the rest of this kite picture is an interplay between near-vertical and near-horizontal lines...

Even the clouds have a horizontally-aligned feel. The fence detail is near horizontal and of course there's the ocean horizon. Verticals? There are spiky bits growing everywhere! See them in the treetops and all over the dunes.

Oh yes, the kite is flying horizontal too.


The kites are in there somewhere! If you look closely at the window areas, you can see glimpses of hanging kites inside, although they are hard to identify. Nice shot.


Possibly not the most amazing image on this page but, it is a little intriguing given that there are kites up there in the blackness! Find those flying lines and follow them up ... to nothing much. Oh well.

That's it—eight fine photos, some more processed than others. But each and every one a kite picture, to varying extents!


As mentioned earlier, there's more kite-making on this site than you can poke a stick at :-)

Want to know the most convenient way of using it all?

The Big MBK E-book Bundle is a collection of downloads—printable PDF files which provide step-by-step instructions for many kites large and small.

Every kite in every MBK series.