"Making Soft Kites,
For Fun, No-Fuss Flying!"

Sled, Parasail, Parafoil, Parachute, and Octopus

Hi! I'm Tim Parish, a 60+ "kite nut" who has researched many designs over the years—and made many soft kites of my own, of course.

It's been a lot of fun testing and refining these designs so that you too can have plenty of enjoyment and success.

Even using cheap garden-bag plastic results in fine-looking kites. See those inflight shots of them all, down below. But of course, you can use any colored plastic you like. Ripstop nylon cloth/tape or Tyvek cloth/tape can be substituted as well.

The MBK Soft Sled kite.Soft Sled

The MBK Parasail kite.Parasail

The MBK Parafoil kite.Parafoil

The MBK Parachute kite.Parachute

The MBK Octopus kite.Octopus

By the time you finish all these, you will have a kite for just about any day.

The parafoil with drogue removed will stay up in quite a light breeze, while the parachute with extra tail will hang on grimly in a fresh blast from the sea. And the other kites come somewhere in between—which is all discussed in the e-book.

You won't be stuck at home too often waiting for the weather to come good.

Getting off the weather for a moment—onlookers will find it hard to believe you made it yourself! And of course it's so satisfying to fly something you did make yourself.

Cheap materials keep the costs way down. What's more, most of the "tools" are probably lying around your house somewhere already! Nothing fancy is required, believe me.

If the very cheap tools are not at hand already, it's easy to find something like a pair of scissors in a store. In fact, a supermarket would probably have everything. Most items would be easy to borrow if required.

Even the knot tying is explained, step by step, via links to this website. You'll soon know them all, and they will definitely come in handy for future projects.

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In "Making Soft Kites"
You Get All This:

  • 200+ pages of single-line soft kiting goodness!
  • 5 kite designs, covering wind speeds from light through to fresh.
  • More than 320 illustrative photographs, many of them closeups.
  • Detailed step-by-step instructions for all designs.
  • A clickable Table of Contents so detailed, there's several pages of it!

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 Have fun making soft kites!