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An attention-getting Whale kite
An attention-getting Whale kite

The full title for this event in 2014 was "All Ages Come And Try Kite Flying Day". Which really said it all. Organized and almost too successfully advertised by AKFA, the Adelaide Kite Flyers Association in South Australia.

Flying kicked off around 10am, but I was not on the scene until after 1pm...

Plenty of kites were up, and their owners' cars were occupying all the parking bays. Eventually, I found a sneaky spot between 2 sets of marked parking areas and selected the 2-Skewer Delta to take down to the sand. Yes, the flying was at a beach. Near Fort Glanville, south of the Semaphore jetty in Adelaide.

A few photos were taken before letting up the small bright orange Delta on a 20 pound Dacron line. More on that a bit later...

The BIG Kites

Unmissable while approaching the event by car, some familiar large show kites were floating around in winds that were just strong enough. Apparently, the breeze was very light earlier on and it looked like the whole thing could have ... flopped.

Here's a few photos of the large kites, both sparred and inflatable. Click on an image below to see it much larger...

The large Genki (below) deserves special mention too, since I was most impressed with how it looked and flew! It was anchored on a 600 pound Dacron line since the kite had been over-flying the anchor point on a lighter line.

Not sure what material the spars were made of, but the bright blue and white high-aspect-ratio Genki kite was both stable and efficient. An impressive rip-stop nylon wonder. Its owner had trimmed it to fly off to one side, to keep a safe distance from some of the other large kites flying at over 200 feet. Neat trick!

A large Genki kite on thick 600 pound line to prevent it over-flying.Hi-tech Genki on a heavy line to reduce over-flying


Other Colorful Kites

Quite a number of people had brought their own kites. To 'try kite flying' being the main point of the event.

A couple of bright butterfly kites were coping well with the steady breeze. Although the wind strength was creeping up with every passing half hour. A ship kite was gamely trying to stay airborne. Some of these fly much better than others! You could be forgiven for wondering how they fly at all...

A handful of people who were more into steerable sport kites were having a great time. One in particular was zipping about, seemingly ripping the air apart with a loud brrrrrappp sound as its trailing edges fluttered furiously.

With AKFA members handing out more than 100 kite kits to the kids, it was not surprising to see quite a few of those hovering over the sand. Some anchored by very young pilots!

Here's a few photos of the kites flown by visitors. Click on an image to see it much larger...

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