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A 2-line delta stunt kite.2-line delta

A stunt kite is fast! Anybody with any sense keeps well clear. But occasionally, someone with less sense than most gets a lot of laughs by ... Thwack!

A 2-line delta stunt kite.2-line delta

You've seen the videos, on shows like 'Funniest Home Videos'. That was a show in Australia some time ago now. But I'm sure there are - or have been - similar shows in other countries!

Don't you just love the sound effects they use. Screaming Junkers dive bomber sound, building to a crescendo ... before the inevitable impact, and canned laughter.

Now, a collision might not be the only reason you remember a stunt kite flying session. As the stories below demonstrate, this corner of the kiting world can generate a whole range of experiences...

What's YOUR Best Stunt Kite Experience?

Memorable, funny or interesting for any old reason. If you have ever had a flight or even seen some flying which ended up as something of a talking point, please share it here!

Stunt Kite Stories Left By Other Visitors

Click below to read incident reports and general stories from other stunt kite pilots or observers...

Two different stunt kites can be stacked 
Thanks Tim for your encouragement to go ahead and give it a try. I had no idea if it was even possible. All of the photos and information I could find …

One Handed Kite Flying 
Hi, my name is Donald Hawecker. About 13 years ago (Sep 4 2000) I was coming home from the park, just finished flying. Turned out the park got hit from …

First Dual Line Kites 
My name is Kevin Braswell. I grew up with my father Red Braswell tinkering with dual line kites. I remember in say 1976 0r 1977. A production-made dual …

Stunt Kite Self Launch 
If you are like most kite fliers you probably spend the majority of your kite flying time by yourself and like myself the beach sands are not always available …

Peter Powell Stunt Kite - Found Unopened! 
For years my late husband boasted about the two handled stunt kite in the attic. Last week, having flown a really cheap old kite one day, I recalled what …

Stunt Kite Flying Bar 
I have a stunt kite called 'Spider' that I have carried around in my car for a few years. This kite stays put together and ready to fly at the drop of …

Repairing The Beetle Kite 
I found two small, two string kites in the trash. They were both broken yet hardly used. On both of them the plastic grommets that hold the cross bar were …

Grandson Flying 2 String Stunt Kite 
5 year old grandson flying a 2 string job... He and I went out the day before he returned to school after Xmas holidays. It was very windy and blustery. …

Click here to write your own.

Are you a keen and experienced sport kite pilot? Think back to all the things that ever went wrong. Or maybe nothing actually went wrong as such. Perhaps a passing bird dragged its feet over the lines or something. It's happened to me, while flying a small single-liner in a stiff sea breeze! There has to be a story in there somewhere.

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