Peter Powell Stunt Kite - Found Unopened!

by Kath

For years my late husband boasted about the two handled stunt kite in the attic. Last week, having flown a really cheap old kite one day, I recalled what he'd said and went into the attic.

I had no idea what I was going to come across but I envisaged a large, cumbersome contraption that would have my small frame off my feet. The parcel was still wrapped for delivery with address label etc and had been opened that far. However the kite was still sealed within a long plastic tube. The label saying Peter Powell and a registration card clearly visible inside. I took it to the Kite Shop on Fleetwood Prom where the proprietor kindly put it together for me. It is black vinyl with a white 100' inflatable tail (I didn't know this at first) The struts look to be fibre.

Well I, and a friend, eventually had a whale of a time - after we'd sorted out the tail which kind of looked like a string of sausages (probably due to the years spent rolled up in attic conditions).

I thought of the joy it would have brought to my husband and I, had we used this genuine Peter Powell Stunt Kite together, but that joy was tinged with sadness that he never saw his kite in the air. I can only think that, living in Oxford he'd never had the space to fly it.

In his memory I have written his name on the tail so that it flies way up - towards heaven?

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A Gift From Beyond
by: Paul in Winnipeg, Canada

You are fortunate indeed to have such a happy memento of your late hubby, and it's great that you share an interest of his even after he has gone on to that great flying field in the sky. May it give you many years of pleasure.

Good Memories Last Forever
by: Liz

We certainty hope you will share photos with us all. What a wonderful tribute to your beloved.

A Thousand Words
by: SailCat

Vicarious thrills galore await those of us who'd love to see a photo of your find!

Amazing find!
by: Tim Parish

There can't be many as-new condition Peter Powell kites left on this planet. Some would be inclined to leave it in the tube as an investment ;-) You would find a lot of interest if you offered it to the highest bidder online.

But hey - what are kites for? Good on you for getting some joy out of it! Be sure to get some photos and video of it while it is still in mint condition. If for no other reason than to one day re-live the moments you are having now...

Thanks for sharing that. What a find!

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