Two different stunt kites can be stacked

by Dean Wardell
(Vanessa, Ontario, Canada)

Thanks Tim for your encouragement to go ahead and give it a try. I had no idea if it was even possible. All of the photos and information I could find online was from people stacking the exact same kites. But as you can see in the photos, I took my two kites out into the white Canadian sand today and gave it a go.

The end kite is my new 2.4m Prism Hypnotist, purchased online for around $150 USD. The lead kite is my first stunt kite. It is a 1.4m Albatross, purchased online for around $26 USD.

I made 5 equal length (90cm) stacking lines from the string that came with the inexpensive kite and I used the Spectra lines that came with the Prism kite as fly lines. I have an anemometer that I measure the wind with and I was getting readings fluctuating between 2 and 8 kmh with gusts in the 12-15 kmh range.

The duo was a little tricky to launch because they wanted to turn sharply and land nose down back on the ground. I was surprised that I was able to cartwheel them together back into the launch position most of the time.

Once in the air they flew perfectly together at 8 kmh. I didn’t try anything too fancy, just some spins, figure 8’s, loops and stuff. The only time they came out of sync was when the wind dropped below 4 kmh and they went into a stall. Not surprisingly, the larger kite fell a little faster than the smaller one but thanks the many hours of practicing landings with a single kite, I was able to land them together in the launch position more often that not.

I did notice a considerable difference in the pull of the two kites in the 15kmh gusts. I had to lean back and hold on! Now I understand why most stacks are made with smaller kites and I will make sure I don’t try this in stronger winds.

Thanks again Tim.

Keep up the good work. I love your website!

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Jul 05, 2017
Back in the day ,,. (Anonymous)
by: Dean Wardell

Since I posted the story I have stacked many different sizes of stunt kites, up to 5 in a stack. I put the largest kite at the top of the stack and the smallest one attached to the control strings and if the wind is proper I have always had good success!

I encourage you to get out the old kites and give it a try. You might have a good time!

Jul 05, 2017
Back in the Day?
by: Anonymous


Many years ago I was very keen on kiting...

I had/have a Dunford flying machine + several original Peter Powells. Also loads of books so made my own (loved Vietnamese 'fighting' ones... single string jobs!).

I also have several cheap plastic diamond kites (sorry, forget the manufacturer/ Worlds Apart?) and they came with string 'links' to enable you to stack them! The most I did was 6 diamonds!... Simply made additional string attachments to the main cross spreader of each diamond... about 1 metre apart. All worked a treat!

I have been on Google/Ebay etc today... and sadly can't see any cheap kites that could do the same. Maybe the Brookite Diamond could be used?

But even they = about £50+ for only 5. Very tempted to get back to the kites at the back of the garage and dust them off!

Apr 05, 2016
Cool story, excellent descriptions
by: Florida Flyer

I have to admit that I am very new to stunt kite flying. But the idea to have 2 kites stacked sounds very exciting. Thanks for the great descriptions Dean. If I ever get 2 kites of my own I'll give it a go myself.

Apr 04, 2016
by: Tim Parish

From my own and others' experience with kites in general - sometimes you never know until you 'give it a go'!

Stunt flyers are in the minority of visitors to this site - but they will find your story interesting for sure. A few might rush out and try it for themselves.

Let's see, we have a $10 delta 2-liner and the latest Peter Powell diamond stunter. That would be bizarre...

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