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Kite Aerial Photography (KAP) as a hobby attracts a whole range of enthusiasts. There are so many ways to do this!

Kite aerial photography - view of large inflatables, taken by a member of our local kite club.Unusual view of large kites

At one end, you have people who decide on a whim to hoist a cheap digital camera from a single line attached to a kite. Any old kite that has enough lift. The 10 second timer goes off sometime during the kite's climb, and hey! An aerial photo!

At the other end of the spectrum, the KAPer might be a serious photographer who patiently pans and clicks his expensive digital camera via a radio transmitter.

The kite might be an enormous Dopero or Rokkaku, 'nailed to the sky' in a light breeze. A 4-line Picavet suspends the camera cradle and radio gear from the flying line rather than the kite itself.

Somewhere in between is the approach I take - lofting a rig under a Half-Picavet suspension. Between flights, I pan the camera to a new angle for a different perspective for the fixed sequence of shots. The sequence is typically 20 shots at 10 or 15 second intervals. Just the sharpest and most interesting images are used.


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And I really mean any old KAP! No need for high-end gear and utterly professional images here...

So what images have you captured lately? Please share anything remotely interesting for visitors to this page to enjoy. Thanks!

Aerial Pictures Left By Others

Click below to see some intriguing aerial photos from other visitors to this page...

Successful first KAP with 2.5-meter Barn Door kite 
Based on your flight reports with the Multi-Dowel Barn Door kite and my previous success with a scaled-up version of your Dopero, I decided to build a …

First attempt at kite aerial photography 
Today was my first attempt at kite aerial photography (KAP). The winds were a bit questionable all day; probably enough to fly my big ripstop Dopero, but …

First KAP was off the cuff 
Used a kite from a home watch dump run. People threw things like three kites with one parafoil which I used for this KAP. I used my apple phone with a …

The Dizzy Camera On The PLT 
Last year, I found plans for a "Peter Lynn Box Kite." At first, I discounted it thinking it looked too complex. Still, I kept running across this design …

Kitty Hawk KAP, on the cheap! 
Carabiner with a 10 second timer. It takes a lot of bad ones to get a decent aerial photo... But I got a few that were half-way decent. It does help that …

Melbourne Causeway looking West 
Home made rig on a picavet. Rig is static and doesn't move unless the wind blows it. I took 250 pictures of the roadway without catching the bridge. …

RPI in the snow 
This picture was taken by a small canon running SDM (alternate firmware with a built in intervalometer). It was suspended by a pendulum, with a cradle …

Camera Eyes View  
The camera swung around in the breeze and snapped the lifter. Still working on the KAP.

Cheapest KAP Available 
I used about 2 ft. of electrical tape to attach my cell phone in video mode to my kite! Doesn't get much cheaper than that!

KAP images from Victor Harbour. Not rated yet
Adelaide Kite Flyers Association Invite to fly at Whale Time Playtime Festival at Victor Harbour on 29th May 2016. A great turn out by club members …

AKFA monthly fly at Semaphore Beach Not rated yet
KAP images taken at a couple of the Adelaide Kite Flyers Associations Monthly Fly meets at Semaphore Beach. Kite used was a 9'/2.7m Delta Conyne. Camera …

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Thinking Of Contributing?
Please Read...

Visitors to this KAP page will really appreciate any extra info you can supply. The quirky aerial pictures are 'the main thing' sure, but people will love it if you type in a short description of how everything came together to get that shot. What kind of KAP rig did you use? (if you can even call it that!) Which of your kites did you use? What was the camera, and how did you operate the shutter? And so on.

Now, a couple of tips for best results...

Aerial pictures straight from your camera can be uploaded successfully. However, transferring these large raw digital images can take many minutes over a slow Internet connection. Re-sizing the image to around 100Kb or so will still result in a high-quality image on a computer screen.

For maximum impact on my site, a photo that's taller than it is wide works best. This way, when my site re-sizes the photo to fit the page, it will appear as large as possible since there is no limit on depth.


As mentioned earlier, there's more kite-making on this site than you can poke a stick at :-)

Want to know the most convenient way of using it all?

The Big MBK E-book Bundle is a collection of downloads - printable PDF files which provide step-by-step instructions for many kites large and small...

Every kite in every MBK series.


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