First KAP was off the cuff

by Pete
(Cape Cod, USA)

Used a kite from a home watch dump run. People threw things like three kites with one parafoil which I used for this KAP. I used my apple phone with a belt clip and rubber bands. Out of the pocket with out a plan.

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Apr 30, 2020
Cape Cod KAP
by: Pete Corbett

Your website Tim was the inspiration to get my phone into the air other than heaving it out the window. Really cool way to to take these pictures with the phone. Why would I send an expensive device up in the air? Company phone, not mine.

My next hand made kite for KAP will require carbon fiber rods. Get this, where I live people actually bring their old golf clubs to the free store (swap shop) at the local dumps. Every once in a while you will find carbon fiber shafts. I don’t play golf and I’m not a fan of them dumping chemicals in our limited aquifer I have no shame in cutting the driver off.

Picture these shafts as large skewers. Looking forward to send all that into the air.


Mar 26, 2020
by: Tim P.

Love it! Made do with what you had - so congrats on getting a couple of half-decent images :-) Maybe it will inspire you to get into KAP a bit more in future. A cheap and simple home-made Half-Picavet rig will help a lot. Search it up ;-) It's a different world from 300 feet...

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