Yesterday a Tiny Delta Kite

by Boni

Tiny delta

Tiny delta

Yesterday a tiny delta,
in a chinese shop I found,
the line, the reel, all is included,
cheap the price just a pound.

Many kites I have already,
sure no need I such a toy,
but the noisy little baby,
said it's beautiful please buy.

The sun is wearing the sunglasses,
in the sail's printed decoration,
very colorful and funny,
quickly push the immagination.

Take and carry it to the meadow,
that the day is perfect breezy,
open, assemble, hook the line,
baby is running like be crazy.

Dancing playful with the wind,
the kite rose in the blue sky,
our Hearth also were climbing,
all the nature seems to smile.

In the hand of little child,
also reel is so interesting,
in and out go quick the wire,
hard the job the legs to freeing.

It's so simple to feel happy,
clearing mind from any thought,
we didn't waste that little money,
happy time is what we bought!

Boni 09/02/2020

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