The little Diamond kite didn't want to fly

by Boni



My grandson received a gift, a small diamond kite, rainbow color, a very long red tail, a line of about 100 meters in a very simple handle.

Useless to run, is useless to play with the line pull, continuously unstable, it rotate continuously and don't go up ...

After a while, obviously, the grandpa has to solve the problem ... :-)

After a few tests, I simply verified that it is very critical, a slight difference in wind speed and/or turbulence. Changes performance a lot, from not enough wind to fly to a too much wind to fly ...

It can't fail, it MUST fly! It does not exist a Diamond kite that doesn't fly!

The construction is made from a kind of rip-stop-looking fabric, not very light, 150 g/sqm, the dowels are made of fiberglass, 12 grams the two small bones ... hmm ... maybe too much for a 57 x 55 cm / 33 grams kite ...

The specific load is about 300g / sqm (MBK Kite models vary approximately from 120 to 220 g/sqm according to the construction style, the materials used and the skill of the builder)

Suitable dowels made of bamboo, weighing only 6 grams, is a saving of 20% in weight ... even some dihedral angle will be useful ... let's try ...

After a while, only the sail was saved because the ends of the fiberglass dowels terminals were glued in the pockets ... then remove the original pockets and replace them with adhesive tape ... MBK style ...

The weight has dropped below 26 grams; now the need is a wide field and a bit of wind!

A few days later, a not very sunny day with a constant breeze ... go outside together for the test.

... and the little Diamond kite flew high in the sky!

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