My first home-built kites, circa 1980

by David
(California, USA)

Good ole newspaper and sticks! These were my first successfully home-built kites. I would have been 10 or 11 years old.

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Newspaper Fliers!
by: Anonymous

I used to buy a paper HiFlier kite in the spring. Then if the kite got torn, repurposed it with a newspaper sail constructed the same as the original kite.

If a spar was broken, though, there was no saving the kite. The local hobby shop had dowels and square sticks, but nothing like the light sticks that came with the kite.

If only I’d known the techniques in the MBK books!

by: Tim P.

Fragile but very flyable! For a modern take, clear tape around the edges is good and strong and easier to do than cutting notches and passing string all round.

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