by Dan P
(Lexington Park, MD, USA)

Flying while I work

Flying while I work

It had been a calm day. It was the early afternoon, and I was just starting some planned yard work when seemingly out of nowhere a pretty steady 5 mph breeze appeared. Thankfully I still had my trusty Dowel Barn Door kite ready to go from the last session, so I attached the line and soon it was flying above my house.

I still had to do the yard work, though, so, judging the breeze to be pretty steady, I wrapped the winder around my mailbox and continued working. It flew like that for the next 30 minutes, only needing my attention a couple times during lulls to keep it off the neighbor's roof!

After I finished with the yard work, the breeze was still good, so I unwound the line from the mailbox and started letting out more line. Before long, all 380-ish feet of line was out. The breeze was very smooth and steady up there, even at times when it was nearly undetectable below tree level. It didn't ever pull hard to one side or the other as it sometimes does when the wind becomes too strong.

After awhile I brought the kite back down to earth. All in all, it was a very relaxing and enjoyable session!

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