2 Deltas Over October Sunset

by Liz and Ken
(Norton Shores, MI, USA)

The kites

The kites

9 Foot delta with laundry plus small Wild Horses delta. Lake Michigan, Muskegon, in Michigan

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Eight Flying Kites, One Man

by Joe
(Beavercreek, Ohio, USA)

Kites on Siesta Key Beach

Kites on Siesta Key Beach

Siesta Key beach, south of Sarasota, Florida: I was trying to get as many flying kites up as possible. Got this pic when I had eight up, later got one more of the "daisy" cellulars up for a personal best of nine at one time!

From lower left, the flying kites are: box, butterfly, parasail, Coyne, 6' delta, star, parasail and "daisy" cellular.

Tied lines off to beach lounges, umbrella stakes, whatever I could find.

Got a lot of thanks for the "sky candy" from the beach denizens. Had everything up for at least 30 minutes; big job taking them all down again without bashing the tanning beauties.

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Three 10 Foot Bees Chased by 36 Foot Clownfish.

by Bill Vierra
(San Andreas, California)

One day while I was flying my three 10 foot Bee kites in Berkeley, California when all of a sudden out of no were came this giant 36 foot Clownfish kite and started to chase the Bees. I thought that the fish was going to eat them! But I was wrong; it only wanted to play with them. And play they did all day long. We all had fun especially in Berkeley, California.

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13 Kites by 1

by Gary Resnick
(Dade City, Florida, USA)

A Bunch of Little Rokkakus

A Bunch of Little Rokkakus

Thought I would get your April challenge going.

This past Sunday the winds looked like they were blowing just right for flying a bunch of Rokkakus until I started to put them in the sky. At about kite number 4 the wind dropped. I figured it would come back so I just kept putting them out. Sure enough the wind came back up and I was able to get all the Rokakkus in the air for a photo.

While I was setting up the kites people driving by the field kept slowing down, trying to figure out what I was up to. When I finally started to send the kites skyward I got waves and horns honked in approval.

The whole thing took about three hours and twenty minutes. I had to hurry home, supper was waiting.

The kites are all paper and bamboo Rokkakus about 45cm x 60cm and painted with images I found in books and on the Internet. Since they are small kites cotton line around 10-15 lbs was plenty strong and for anchors I used wood dowels run through a pencil sharpener. Once the line was let out I attached it to the dowel with a lark's head and then used a rubberband to hold it in place. I thought that 12 Rokkakus would do for now but when I started to put them away I realized that 13 had actually made it into the air.

I know the Rokkakus are pretty small in the photo but they are little kites and the sky was rather large that day.

I have flown many more kites at one time but they were on a feather train line and I thought that trains would be cheating.

Looking forward to more photos.

Best winds,

Gary Resnick (aka Dade City Kiter)

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Scrappy Wave Kite Train

by Bill Rodriguez
(San Jose, CA, USA)

25  14” x 20” kites

25 14” x 20” kites

Built in February, 2019 from scrap rip-stop.

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