MBK Dowel Barn Door ..... super!

by Giuseppe (Boni)

In a late afternoon, after the first test had failed due to the breakage of one of the rods (made of beech ..., finally a slight breeze on a beautiful sunny day ... run immediately to take the pieces and to assembly the kite!

This time the rods are made of carbon, it won't be easy to break them!

The kite is an MBK Dowel Barn Door, scaled to 1.6m due to the materials available, a few minutes of adjusting the bridles and go.
The wind is about 2 m/s, not easy to take off, the kite seems very sensitive to the small turbulences at ground level, it is not stable as a Dopero!

After gaining the first 7-8 meters of altitude, everything stabilizes and begins to rise slowly but steadily .... up on .... until there is no more line in the reel.

Slowly, the line angle stops around 80 degrees, fantastic! Stable, almost looks like a Dopero!
At that height, maybe not quite 100 meters, it's not easy to see it well.

The reel is empty, I lock it to the ground.
The line moves slowly between 70 and 80 degrees, always beautiful and stable.
After about an hour I decide to go down and, due to the line winding effect, the kite moves on to my vertical, always stable and controllable, until I bring it to the ground in about ten minutes.


What next?

Happy flights to everybody!

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