How to Make a Delta Kite

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The MBK Dowel Delta

How to Make a Delta Kite
Prepare to Fly

Make a delta kite - flying line attachment to keel

Make up a flying line and attach it to the keel's towing point with a Lark's Head knot. See the photo, where the Lark's Head has been left loose.

Check the keel knots on the vertical spar. Retighten if necessary. Also, put a generous drop of wood glue on each so they can never come loose nor slide along the vertical spar.

You won't have to wait the full drying time for this glue to dry, since the amounts are small.

How to Make a Delta Kite

The MBK Dowel Delta kite in flight.

Firstly, if it's very windy outside, stay home! This is a light-wind kite and won't like being launched in a gale or even a fairly fresh breeze. If the wind is way too strong, this delta will become unstable, and you could even snap one of the dowels.

Assuming there is some breeze outside, just dangle the kite at arm's length until the wind catches it. As long as you feel the kite pulling, let out line slowly by taking loop after loop off the winder. Be cautious about letting line slip through your fingers. If you let it slip too quickly, say in a moderate breeze, the line could burn you!

Another approach is to get a helper to hold the kite up and let it go, on the end of maybe 10 or 20 meters of line. This way, the kite soon gets high enough to make it easy to let more line out.

Out in the Field

Delta-kite stories of my real-life flying experiences are worth checking out!

Illustrated with photos and videos, of course.

Have fun flying, and I hope you've enjoyed learning how to make a delta kite!

The e-book instructions for this kite include even more handy hints which will ensure you get the most success possible when flying this particular design.

Now, just in case you have actually made and flown this kite at least once already:

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