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Jun 16, 2018

Flight Report - Parachute Kite Up As Sea Water Swirls Past Anchor!

The hardy little MBK Parachute kite floated to and fro over a rocky sea-side incline, as the tide briefly overtook the anchor bag and my running shoes...

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Jun 13, 2018

The Loop Knot

This previously published page explains the simple but very useful Loop knot, in the context of kite-flying. Has step-by-step photos, of course...

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Jun 10, 2018

Flight Report:
Club Flies In Chaotic Wind

Up at Semaphore Park, the breeze was ample - on average - but the direction was a problem...

On arrival, a couple of large pilot kites were soon in the air. Courtesy of Andy, Ian and Elly. However, the usually sedate 4-cell parafoils were having trouble staying up! And it wasn't lack of wind. Being from the NE, the breeze was tumbling and swirling through our flying area. After passing over and around many large obstacles inland.

A kite would be stable one moment and then list heavily to one side the next. Sometimes the air would slow so dramatically in just a few seconds that the kite would collapse and start to fall earthwards.

I put up a mid-sized Diamond with a drogue since the other kites in the car were more suited to light wind. The Diamond did OK but was forced into loops from time to time by the freshest gusts.

To correct the looping without adding a tip-tail, I put a very narrow gather into the Tyvek sail on one side, to tighten that side a little. Sticky tape on the back of the sail held the gather in place. It worked a little too well, forcing the kite into loops in the opposite direction when pushed hard by the breeze!

All the while, one of the big parafoils was collapsing to the sand, rolling over a few times then re-launching itself. Not typical beach flying.

Mark put up a variety of kites but the weather was not kind to them. Eventually he put his Delta Conyne up high where the air was more constant. KAP rig dangling.

Mike experimented with a small high-wind parafoil. In fact various experiments were going on with kites and inflatables large and small. Mostly with limited success due to the challenging conditions.

A large Ball broke free and ended up being saved from a possible dunking by a large bush near the fence-line. My own little MBK Parachute absorbed the fresh gusts but didn't like the turbulence at all.

Sometimes interesting but often frustrating flying it was...

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- Tim P.

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Jun 07, 2018

Flight Report:
Polka Dot Diamond Drifts

A friend had requested that the traditional bow-ties tail on his Diamond be switched over to a less troublesome drogue...

So yesterday, with a gusty light breeze outside and bonus winter sunshine, it seemed prudent to get the Diamond up for a test fly. Before the weather closed in as forecast.

Down at the reserve, the kite was easily launched and flew briefly on 30m (100 feet) of 50 pound Dacron line. 'Briefly' because the air was quite active despite the time of year. Clearly, it would take more than a short length of line to ensure the kite stayed up, despite it's excellent wind range.

The air certainly wasn't smooth. To my surprise, the drogue line managed to snare in the towing-point fitting. As sometimes happens when flying a supposedly reliable tailed design, I looked up just in time to see trouble... The kite was about to touch down in an unstable configuration! On more line and hence in smoother air it would be unlikely to happen again. And so it turned out...

Moving to a better location on the field, I soon had over 60 meters (200 feet) of line out and the Diamond was doing well. Quite a sight against the blue sky and high-level clouds. Large shifts in wind direction were nudging the kite left and right. Also, sudden decreases and increases in wind speed were causing just as sudden ups and downs in the brightly dotted Diamond's flight path.

After taking a few videos, and soaking up a little more sunshine, it was time to bring the Tyvek-sailed Diamond down. Below 50 feet off the grass the tension eased up and it became much easier to loop the Dacron line onto the winder.

It was test flight complete, with video proof of a coping kite in the rough air!

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- Tim P.

"Simplest Dowel Kites": A free but very useful kite-making e-book. Make a super-simple Sled, Diamond and Delta - step-by-step with photos. Sign up for the e-book and fly something high tomorrow!

Jun 06, 2018

How To Build A Dopero Kite

This previously published page (1 of 3 linked in order) guides you through making a small Dopero from plastic sheet and bamboo skewers. Paper can be substituted for the plastic if desired, although plastic would be lighter and more durable...

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Jun 05, 2018

Night Kite Flying In Gujarat - Awesome Display Of Aerial Lights!

Night kite flying with LED lights and more was the highlight of Gujarat Day recently, which celebrates the establishment of this state - known as 'The Jewel Of Western India'.

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Jun 03, 2018

Global News Report:
When Kites Get Scary

From England. Who would have thought there could be a connection between kite flying and water quality...


Teams are planning to battle with the birds in Worthing - as part of a £31.5 million scheme to improve bathing water quality there and at two other West Sussex beaches.

Gull-proof bins and bird kites could be introduced as part of Southern Water's scheme, which is being backed by Adur and Worthing councils.

The measures would prevent birds from flocking near bathing waters, eating from the bins and defacating, over concerns that bird faeces contains a higher level of bacteria which can affect bathing water quality.

Southern Water is working to bring bathing water quality at Worthing, Selsey and Middleton-on-Sea up to 'excellent' standard by 2020.

They're among seven beaches across the South East featured in the Bathing Water Enhancement Programme.



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"Simplest Dowel Kites": A free but very useful kite-making e-book. Make a super-simple Sled, Diamond and Delta - step-by-step with photos. Sign up for the e-book and fly something high tomorrow!

May 30, 2018

Large Kites

This previously published page has photos and a video of some really big kites! Plus random musings and commentary on the subject. And I've seen a few, being involved in an International kite festival...

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May 30, 2018

Flight Report:
Foiled By The Tide

Once again, this outing with the Paper Delta had quite a bit of fluffing around for 1 measly 5 minute flight to log...

Wind strength was ample, according to the online weather station. Down at the beach, there was certainly nothing wrong with the wind. It was blowing well into the Moderate range. Straight down the sand with a small on-shore component.

The trouble was, I had never seen the tide so high! Hence the available strip of sand was tiny. Although the kite went up easily, I could only let out 20 meters (65 feet) or so before rocky obstacles loomed.

With the breeze blowing 18kph and gusting to 24kph the kite started out OK. However, rain squalls were scooting past to the north and then the breeze suddenly freshened. The wind meter was now recording 24kph gusting to 31kph! Some electrical tape was added to one wing-tip of the Paper Delta to help fix all the looping to the left. But by then, another problem emerged... Looking around, it appeared that my escape route back to the car was starting to close off! Hence it was time for a quick pull-down and a brisk walk back around the rocky outcrop. And up the concrete stairs, off the beach.

Driving home, there were tiny spots of rain on the windscreen so the timing couldn't have been better.

Try, try, try again...

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- Tim P.

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May 28, 2018

Global News Report:
A Flying Whale

Not to mention an assortment of other creatures, floating over Yorkshire, England...


The skies above Scarborough have been filled with an odd assortment of wildlife this weekend including whales, cats and bears.

The animals in question all feature in the Kite festival at Scarborough Castle which has seen expert Kite flyers from across the country showing off their creations.

Members of the public are encouraged to take their own kites along to the festival or to make one while they are there. The festival runs until the end of Bank Holiday Monday.


SOURCE: Yorkshire Coast Radio (!)

URL (full story and/or photos, video):


"Simplest Dowel Kites": A free but very useful kite-making e-book. Make a super-simple Sled, Diamond and Delta - step-by-step with photos. Sign up for the e-book and fly something high tomorrow!



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