May 12, 2021

Cartoon Kite

This previously published page pokes fun at cartoonists or illustrators who depict kites inaccurately :-) Good for a giggle...

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May 05, 2021

A History Of Box Kites

This previously published page is an overview of box kites, ever since Hargrave did his famous experiments and shared his ideas with the Wright brothers...

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Apr 28, 2021

Kite Winder

This previously published page is quite an old one now. But if you would like to copy the handy and solid winder I used for years, feel free...

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Apr 28, 2021

Flight Report:
Canard Kite At Height

After a few short flights with the somewhat temperamental first prototype of the Star kite, it seemed a better idea to pull out the small Canard...

Within 20 minutes or so of struggle in very light air, the average breeze strength finally ticked up. Treetops ruffled as light gusts cane through. The little canard was up in no time, flying steady but doing a slow wing-waggle when at it's lower wind speed limit.

For some minutes I just concentrated on getting more and more line out, until the kite was just small blue blob in the distance. A few firm tugs soon had the craft soaring way up in smooth airflow. In fact, the wind speed seemed absolutely ideal above 200 feet over the dead grass. The kite hung almost motionless against the clear blue expanse, throwing the occasional subtle swish in response to gusts.

Clearly, the thing wanted to go even higher...

I duly let out as much line as I dared. Well past the 400 feet marker! Due to line sag, the kite settled out somewhat below 400 feet altitude. Around 360 feet perhaps, with a good 45 degree angle to the kite from horizontal. That height is legal here, but not in the U.K. apparently!

About that Star kite mentioned earlier... Later versions of the MBK Skewer Star were more stable, so don't be afraid to look it up on my website and make one.

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- Tim P.

Apr 22, 2021

Global News Report:
Why Fly At Weifang?

Because it's huge and spectacular! Swinging across to China...


Twenty activities featuring local flavor and citizen involvement will be held during the Yumen Liquor Cup: The 38th Weifang International Kite Festival, running from April 17 to May 5 in the world's kite capital: Weifang, China. The Comprehensive Service Center of the Weifang International Kite Festival and partners have prepared an event with high cultural and social value.

With "A kite string connecting the world" as this year's theme, the Weifang International Kite Festival aims to deepen friendship, enhance understanding, and culture exchange with kites as the medium.

Activities during the festival are divided into three categories: kite-themed activities, economic and trade activities, and cultural and sports activities. These activities include the 17th World Kite Championship, the 14th cross-Strait Kite Cultural Exchange Activities, diplomatic envoys and international sister-city mayor's visit to Weifang, the premiere of the documentary "Kite Kite," and a 1,000-drone demonstration.

Various organizations, including local government, universities, and businesses have prepared a stunning selection of top-quality kites showing the regional artistry and craftsmanship of Weifang. Professional teams will use these kites in competitions.

Weifang boasts a long history of kite-making and is renowned for its beautiful creations. These kites are considered some of the best in China. The Weifang International Kite Festival has been held for 37 years in a row, making it one of China's first international festivals.

The Weifang Kite Festival's priorities have always been to create the best experience for participants. For decades, the Weifang Kite Festival has successfully brought joy and prosperity to all stakeholders, including attendees, artists, businesses, and government. With the help of kites, Weifang has built a strong bridge to the world. During this festival, Weifang will host diplomatic envoys and the mayors of Weifang's sister cities overseas. Additionally, business representatives and associations from key Belt and Road countries will be in attendance to promote exchange, cooperation, and Weifang's integration into national development strategy.


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