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An unexpected loss is the subject of many a kite story. In fact, if you ask me, there are only 2 types of kite-fliers on this planet. Those with a lost kite story to tell, and those who will one day have one!

Personally, I've lost a small retail Delta and a small Skewer Box kite. Then, a couple of years later, the original Dowel Barn Door. The circumstances were completely different in each case.

This category is a big proportion of all stories submitted to this site. The variety is endless. There's just no way to predict how the next person will manage to lose their kite!

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On at least 2 occasions at kite festivals, I've seen kites move off over the ocean, or further down the beach.

Most likely, these were due to a small child simply forgetting to hang onto a winder, or letting the line slip too far through their fingers.

Actual line breakages seem to be rare, but they can generate some rather entertaining stories when it happens! More often, the kite is not secured properly, at the flier's end. Along comes an extra-strong gust and ... ooops, there goes the reel or winder!

What's YOUR Best Kite-Loss Story?

What's the funniest / saddest / most spectacular kite-loss that YOU have ever experienced? Think back for a moment...

The story needs at least 300 words to be published. That's not hard - 4 or 5 fairly short paragraphs should do it.

Hey, we've all lost a kite at least once, wouldn't you say?

Stories Left By Other Visitors Here

Click below to read some entertaining stories from other kite fliers. Some of these are amazing!

Delta Lost Over The Pacific Ocean 
I built a large delta kite and took it to the Oregon coast one day. The coast is very breezy yet it flew very well in even the lightest wind conditions. …

Wind Shear, Sheer Panic 
For years, I had begged for a "kite with cartoon characters on it" (aka a retail kite), and finally, for my 10th birthday, I got a box kite with the "Garfield" …

Loss Of A Collapsible Moon Kite 
My best kite recently is Moon Kite or Wau Bulan in Malay language, its origin was Malaysia where it was widely flown in Kelantan. I live in Singapore. …

A Manx Kite 
The name 'Manx' is from the language of the Isle of Man, which is the name of an island off the west coast of England. It is a beautiful place, with its …

The Lost And Found Rokkaku Kite! 
I haven't been able to do much kite flying lately due to the stresses of moving. Yesterday was an exception! It was the first clear day all week, but it …

Just saw a ghost! 
This kite loss story takes place at Rodeo Beach in Marin County. I had my wife, god son Jake and our Norwegian Forest Cat, Buddha, with us. We had a …

A Lost Kite Can Be A Good Thing 
We were at a club fun fly. Beautiful day with lots of local people joining us with their discount store kites. One family had a plastic, princess delta …

North Vegas 14m 
Went out with a friend with my new North Vegas 14m earlier today around 5pm after work. Was really excited and also quite annoyed to find that the wind …

Never thought it would happen... On the maiden flight of the Flock of Swallows pulled up by a Triangulation Delta... a huge gust of wind came along. …

Box Kite Disaster 
When I was around 10 years old, I received a box kite kit as a present. This was in the early 1960s, when kits like this required a certain amount of exacting …

A Very Efficient Simple Kite 
When my little girl was three years old we bought her a simple kite (ram air) with the Teletubbies printed on it. One fine but brisk day a family outing …

Kite Lost Kite Found 
I had a homemade tail-less diamond kite that I built using actual bamboo poles for the frame. Like most stories go I was flying the kite at around nine …

A Day Flying Kites In Portales 
Well here we go. It was a very nice day here in the "big" city of Portales, New Mexico. I had a bad hankering to loft a kite because the winds were just …

My Grandson Loses His First Kite 
Today we had enough wind to test a Dragon kite my grandson got for his 7th birthday. We headed over to the school field to give us plenty of mostly tree-less …

Vienna Kite Festival 
After many hours of designing, building, and testing kites the final event for the year had arrived. The Vienna Kite Festival. Held on the banks of an …

Home Made Box Kite - lost...sorta 
I was 9 yrs old flying my box kite in Iroquois Point (Navy Housing on Oahu) in 1966. A KC135 Tanker flew in from the west on final to Hickam AFB and swallowed …

Cheap Delta Kite, Expensive String 
Had lots of fun with this Delta kite design. Lost several but no great $. Lost one kite over the sea due to bad knot tying - and I am a sailor. I had so …

Delta Airlines 
When I was a youngster, my brother and I were flying a handsome purple and blue delta wing kite on the beach in Folkestone (at the south east corner of …

Knot what it seemed 
I had bought some new kite line and wanted to add to it, so I spliced two sections together thinking I had made a good knot. I was out flying the kite …

After One Skewer Delta Departs, One Skewer Rok Takes Wing! 
I was very proud of my 1-Skewer Delta kite. It had its maiden flight in Ruskin Park in South London, but the fun was cut short as I managed to stab my …

The Kite Eating Tree 
I remember I was flying a small home-made delta kite in my backyard. Unfortunately for me though, my backyard was covered by tall trees. I take 2 seconds …

Kite Gone 
In 1995 I was flying a plastic single line delta kite made by Spectra Star. It came with four hundred feet of line on a plastic spool winder. I was demonstrating …

Run Away Kite 
My friend and I decided to fly a kite a few weeks ago. We'd flown kites before and saved all the string. We brought the kite, which had about a 3 foot …

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Of course, for every actual lost kite, there are surely many more 'close call' stories. From my own experience, it's amazing how often it was possible to either pull out or fly out a kite from in-accessible tree branches! In every case, the kite somehow escaped damage even after being dragged through foliage.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed those lost kite stories from all around the world!

Kite Loss Stories On The Web

If you search the Web for great kite-loss stories, you will be disappointed. The best ones are right here on this page. 10's of thousands of people have visited these kite story pages over the years.

Just once in a while, somebody realizes that they have a truly good tale to tell. So they end up submitting it here. How about you? :-)

After a short Web search, you will probably find one of these 2 things...

References to children's materials such as

  • books, for example "Little Lion's Lost Kite" by Emily Bolam,
  • DVDs, for example "Thomas and the Runaway Kite" and
  • TV shows, for example the "Kite" episode of Fireman Sam.

Those last 2 are familiar to my own young son, I'm sure of it!

Secondly, the occasional kite surfer posts a lost kite story after going out on the ocean and losing their kite and/or board. Usually because of equipment failure. Or perhaps brain fade if they didn't bother to even use a leash!

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