How To Build A Delta Kite

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The MBK 2-Skewer Delta

This set of instructions on how to build a Delta kite assumes you know absolutely nothing about kite making. You might already have some of the simple tools and materials required. Anything you don't have is easily bought. If not exactly what I used, then at least something pretty similar!

Learn how to build a Delta kite like this one.Original MBK 2-Skewer Delta
Learn how to build a Delta kite like this one.Original MBK 2-Skewer Delta

The MBK 2-Skewer Delta Kite is a medium-sized Delta 96cm (38”) across and 58cm (23”) tall, with a single fairly short tail.

The horizontal spars are bowed to give extra stability and shorten the amount of tail required. Hence it's a bit different to a store-bought Delta with a single spreader.

The 2-Skewer Delta is a very nice light-to-moderate wind flier. Take it out when there seems to be hardly enough wind to keep any kite up.

Watch this kite go straight overhead when a thermal comes through. Avoid flying in strong wind however, since this design flaps rapidly in that situation!

Many months later, this 2-skewer design was superseded by a more conventional delta design. But people kept enjoying this page so I decided to leave it up.

Making Skewer Kites is my handy download of printable step-by-step instructions. This design and all the other 1-Skewer and 2-Skewer designs are covered.

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How To Build A Delta Kite

Have you read the page on kite materials? If you haven't already, do it now to see what's needed for building a Delta kite.

How to build a delta kite - spars

For this Delta, you need to glue skewers together to form the 3 spars plus spreader.

  • Snip the points off 6 bamboo skewers, then check to see that they are all exactly the same length. Trim some if necessary.
  • Put aside another 2 skewers, leaving the points on for now.
  • From another skewer, snip off 6 lengths of bamboo, each 0.1SL (3cm, 1") long.
  • Arrange all 8 skewers together with the short lengths as in the photo, with some paper underneath to catch excess glue - tape that paper down to the table.
  • Get down to table top height and look along the spars, and make sure they are as straight as possible.
  • Lay down a thick line of glue all the way down each join, as in the photo.

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Wind Speeds

Light Air
1-5 km/h
1-3 mph
1-3 knots
Beaufort 1

Light breeze
6–11 km/h
4–7 mph
4–6 knots
Beaufort 2

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12–19 km/h
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Beaufort 3

Moderate ...
20–28 km/h
13–18 mph
11–16 knots
Beaufort 4

Fresh ...
29–38 km/h
19–24 mph
17–21 knots
Beaufort 5

Strong ...
39–49 km/h
25–31 mph
22–27 knots
Beaufort 6

High Wind
50-61 km/h
32-38 mph
28-33 knots
Beaufort 7

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