How to Build a Delta Kite

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The MBK 2-Skewer Delta

How to Build a Delta Kite
Making Spars

  • For this delta, you need eight 30 cm (12 in.) bamboo BBQ skewers.
  • Also, you need to cut off four short 0.15 SL (4.4 cm, 1 3/4 in.) lengths of skewer. Plus you need a 0.30 SL (8.7 cm, 3 1/2 in.) length, which joins the spreader in the middle.

  • The photo shows how the skewer pieces are all glued together. Note how the spreader has a pen supporting the middle while the skewer tips remain touching the floor.
  • The other pairs of skewers are just lined up straight, flat against the tabletop, with a point at each end.
  • To make sure there is no kink at the join, get your head down low and look along the skewers. Shift one a little, if necessary, before the glue dries!

How to Build a Delta Kite
Attaching Spars

The pieces of electrical tape mentioned below should all be roughly four times longer than they are wide. You can't see the full length in the photos since they are folded under.

  • Snip off one point from the pair of skewers which has two short pieces of bamboo glued beside the join.
  • Line this end up with the top corner of the kite sail, with the skewers resting along the fold line of the plastic.
  • Attach the bamboo to the plastic with insulation tape, as in the photo.
  • At the bottom corner of the sail, snip the skewer to length and attach the tip to the plastic in the same way as before. This is the vertical spar.

  • Take one of the straight pairs of skewers that remain, and line up one end up with the short upper edge of the upper tab, as in the photo.

  • If necessary, snip the skewer to length at the lower edge of the lower tab. These skewers are a leading edge spar.
  • Attach the bamboo to the sail plastic with a length of insulation tape, just like the bottom end of the vertical spar. See the photo.
  • With clear sticking tape, tape down both the tabs.

  • Now do the other side exactly the same. The photo shows the two leading-edge spars and the vertical spar in place, with all the tabs folded over and taped down.

How to Build a Delta Kite

The remaining pair of skewers will form the spreader, which keeps the leading edges apart in flight. To keep the tips off the table or floor, you will need to place the kite on an object such as a book.

  • Position the spreader so it crosses over between the upper and lower sail tabs on each side.
  • Put a couple of turns of flying line around the crossing points, in both directions, and tie off with a Granny knot. See the closeup photo.
  • Pull the sail tight by moving the leading edges apart, letting the crossing points slip as necessary. Then push the "wingtips" of the delta closer together again, by about 20 mm (1 in.).

  • Put a drop of glue into each crossing point, to fix the kite frame in position. The slight arch in the spreader should be away from the sail, giving room for the sail to billow a little in flight. See the photo.



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