Guinness World Single Kite Altitude Record

by Robert Moore
(Baulkham Hills, NSW, Australia)

This is the record kite

This is the record kite

Set in 2014 at 16,009 ft. above ground level. My team used a 12.34 sq. metre DT Delta. It took about 50 flights over 8 series of attempts on a sheep station in western NSW Australia.

We are preparing to raise our record with a bigger kite and 18 km of line. Last time we "only" used 12,400 metres of line. We have made a few other mods to the kite apart from increasing the size by 30%.

The number one difficulty is finding the right wind from ground to record altitude. Many times we encountered layers of low wind which were next to impossible to penetrate by working the winch. We hope to gain permission to fly to 25,000 ft. Also in the back of my mind is the train record to over 32,000 ft. This was set at 31,955 ft. in 1919 at a German weather station.

Bob Moore

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