Genki Build

by Ian Hammond
(Kampong Chhnang, Cambodia)

Genki with loop tail

Genki with loop tail

I've been busy building a few more kites for the growing collection. Normally in the tropics its calm. Not the last 10 days though so my stronger kites have been getting flown (box, conyne, barndoor and sled mainly).

Back to the story of needing light wind kites, I found a genki called "Migenk" in the kite plan base. It looked an easy build and I love the high aspect ratio. I found a plastic table cloth in one of my shopping trips and the package seemed light so I grabbed it and thought to use it for this. When I opened it I found it had a lace pattern to it which is done using dimpling. So on one side tape will stick to but the other side not really. I put the spars on the non stick side and figured maybe it will last a flight or 2 but so far it's 6 or so times and it's still all together.

As I'm 200km inland there's generally turbulence down low until 10m of line is out. This kite in particular doesn't tend to like it so I find letting line out fairly fast at first to get some height and then it settles down.

Assuming it's not turbulent up there too but then it just wanders a fair bit. Dropping wing tips left and right. Yes, it does fly in light winds but I don't think it would out fly my MBK Diamond. That's still the best I have for hanging up there in next to no wind.

The genki I built as the plan showed at 120cm span and it flies well. I like it. To look at it up there it is reminiscent of a manta ray with its short looped tail with longer single tail after that. So now I'm tempted to build a bigger one.

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by: Tim

Nice post Ian. I know someone with a large carbon-sparred genki and it's a beauty in light wind. It's sometimes flown on heavy line just to stop it over-flying! That's efficient.

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