Back To The Air!

by Boni

A nice encounter....

A nice encounter....

After the lockdown period caused by the Corona Virus, we can finally move more freely.

These days, thanks to a summer weather even if it is almost windless, I took my MBK Dopero Super-Sport and went out into the usual large lawn...

Arrived on the field, the wind was there but it was very weak and uneven, 1-1.5 m / sec ... high temperature, more than 30 ° C ...

I assembled the kite, I laid out about 30 meters of line and I tried to launch it anyway.

After a few unsuccessful attempts, the kite began to climb decidedly, almost vertically straight on my head, it was climbing in thermal with the line almost loose, on ... on ... on ... until the end of the reel.


Above a certain height, about 70 meters, there was a little wind, but the tension of the line was very little.

After months of inactivity, it was definitely a promising start.

Nice flights to everyone!


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Jun 29, 2020
by: Ian

I'm glad not to have gone through a lock down but it must be a relief to get out in the free air and fly. The Dopero looks good. Its one mbk kite I haven't built yet so I must do it.

Jun 28, 2020
High flights
by: Tim P.

Thanks Boni - A promising start indeed. Some inspirational light-wind action you describe there!

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