A Kite Building Challenge...

by Tony Sangster
(Adelaide, SA, Australia)

Nose detail.

Nose detail.

...A delta-style kite without a horizontal spreader spar.

From playing around with some kite designs in folded A4 paper and use of straws for spars I tried out a design in plastic and dowels, undertaking to Tim that I would provide some photos. However the trials were not successful and I am still trying to get there (hopefully with a serious attempt and success this long weekend)

However you budding designers may wish to come up with your own version in plastic/dowel or similar materials. I am attempting to make a Delta-style kite without a horizontal spreader spar. A spar could however be used in some other fashion or orientation. Originally I was trying to save weight in the construction but have decided to get the design right first.

Have fun and happy flying!

(NOTE - Tony has since posted further comments, plus the photos up there. Check out all the details on this interesting kite design! T.P.)

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