Where Eagles Fly

by Joe
(Eugene, OR, USA)

I'd like to share another story and promise to keep it short.

I like building kites but rip-stop material is expensive so I began using black garbage bags. The bags I use are several mils thick and made for heavy duty construction debris.

Finding a safe place to fly near my house is difficult. I finally found a spot in a park near the river where I can fly safely at low level. There are trees I have to clear before I get to the good wind so it's a challenging spot.

Flying my black garbage-bag kites there I've noticed large eagles appearing up high above the butte. I can see they are very interested in what I'm doing. They even show up when I'm preparing the kite for take-off. It looks as if they are curious about who is encroaching on their hunting grounds. They often get very close and circle directly above me...

Once when I was finished flying on Skinner's Butte, I had one soar right over me less than 10 feet away. I could see his feathers on his massive wings trimming the thermals as he flew by. The feathers on his wingtips moved like individual fingers under his complete control. He sailed by looking right at me. It was an incredible sight.

They never fail to show up when I fly my kites by the river during the summer. They must live on the butte and see me preparing my kites far below because they show up very quickly. I look forward to seeing them every time I fly there.

Thanks for letting me share my story. I hope they are worthy of reading.

I will try to take a good picture for you next time I go.


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