The Kite Attraction

by Vernon Walker
(Alresford, Hampshire, UK)

I live in the southern part of the UK amongst the Water Cress Beds of Hampshire. As I drove down the road towards the nearest town I saw a beautiful sight. Tethered to a long pole amongst the Water Cress was a bird like object, a beautiful hawk-like kite with black head and neck, a white mid section and a black tail.

I stopped to have a closer view and watched for a while. It was graceful in its flight even in the mildest of winds. I later found out that it was a bird scarer used by the Water Cress farmer to protect his beds of Cress.

This reminded me of my youth in India when we went out to watch the hundreds of kites that were flying. These were flown by so many people throughout the village or town. Many hours were spent in making all different shapes and sizes of kite imaginable.

It all began to stir thoughts of making and flying kites again, so I went along to the nearest kite festival and enlisted some help from a group who were teaching children and adults to make their own kites. They gave me some information and I'm now looking for new materials (fabrics) and designs so I can begin making kites again. Because I've just come across your Web Site I thought I would like to tell you.

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