Satisfying Sled

by K.D.

One day, I decided to make the two skewer sled kite. I made it out of a very thin garbage bag and some "spars" from long but strong bamboo spars.

The first time I took it out, there was a moderate and changing wind with occasional gusts. This weather proved to be too much for the sled and made it deflate and swing around a lot. There was no one watching at the park because of the virus lockdown.

On the second outing, there was a very light breeze with occasional gusts. The sled kite flew favorably, was easy to control, and stayed up for some time. However, it only made it to 50 ft before the wind died off and fell.

All in all, making and flying this kite has been truly satisfying. I think I'll make the 2 skewer diamond next.

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