Ruse Kite Festival

by Danny Nanchev
(Ruse, Bulgaria)

I am from the city of Ruse, Bulgaria, and I recently discovered that I LOVE kites - making them, flying them - you name it! So I found the MBK site, and became instantly hooked! Right now I am copying the plans and when I go out this evening I'll make some kites with my friends!

Back to the point. I'm writing in the Kite-Festival-Page, because I am going to organise a Kite Festival here, in my home town of Ruse. I'm going to propose it to the junior city council (a teenage city council, which makes decisions for teens' propositions or problems) and then, if I get lucky, they'll help me print out the ads and gather a whole lot of people to it.

I'm trying to start a tradition, for next year I'm thinking of going national, or even - multi-national. That's because Ruse is right on the Danube and has the only bridge in our country across the Danube. The mainstream of tourists pass through here, so I hope Romanians and other people would come next year.

Cross your fingers for me :-)

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Kite festival?
by: Zelmirka

Hello, Danny!
Did you succeded with the Kite Festival ? Is it alive? I am from Romania and I would like to visit as much kite festivals nearby as possibile.

Good day,

Benefits of kites
by: Tim P.

Well said, Dr. Devinder!

Benefits of kite flying
by: Dr.Devinder Pal Singh Sehgal

I am Scientist by profession and making beautiful and meaning kite is my passion. I am passing my message throughout the world that kite conveys us that we have made boundaries among Nations and there is no boundary for kite and it can fly from one nation to another without any passport.

All countries must learn from Covid-19 and stop all funds for making Nuclear weapons and firearms for fighting against each other. Rather all these funds must be used for Health services so that no Covid-19 like situation occur again on this Earth.

By kite flying we can keep our eye sight healthy, it is good exercise for neck, arms, feet, legs, shoulders, etc. We can get free Vitamin D from the Sun by flying kite under the Sun. Children can improve their concentration of mind by flying kites and can get good marks in their exams. Kite flyers may not have B.P. Heart attack like problems as they are inhaling fresh Oxygen by flying kites in the garden.

Kite flying is the best sport in the world for all age groups. Moreover, Kite flying helps in maintaining healthy relations among various nations.

Great Idea
by: Tim Parish

Glad my site has inspired you in this way. The enthusiasm of youth could eventually see a new kiting event in Europe! I wish you all the best and that you continue to enjoy kites, no matter what happens.

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