Re-winding Kitelines

by Tony Sangster
(Adelaide, SA, Australia)

Several of members of Adelaide Kite Flyers have been pondering how to best rewind our lines at the end of a long day. The last thing you wish to do is stand for ages reeling in and winding up lines up to 100 metres length and varying from diameters relevant to say 40 lb to 1 ton breaking strain.

The current thought is to adapt a battery-operated hand drill to the spool, setting the drill up on a kite-carrier such as the SULO-type bins we use on the beach. The challenge is how to adapt the drill-winder to each different size spool and how to stop the line winding off the narrow spools. We have contemplated use of other spools apart from fishing ones - such as garden-hose reels as well though they are bulkier to carry about and some commercial ones where there is a hand-operated winder and line-guide.

The matter is a 'work in progress' but would be happy to hear of and share others' experiences and ideas.

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