Try This 10-Cell Tetrahedral Today!
"Every New Kite is an Adventure"

Make your own colorful 10-cell tetra -
this eye-catching, proven performer
will put a smile on your dial!
Printable, step-by-step e-book covers everything

Hi! I'm Tim Parish, a former glider-pilot and self-confessed "kite nut." I was at it for quite a number of years, testing and refining many single-line designs. I'm sure you'll enjoy this one!

An MBK Skewer design, like this traditional-style tetrahedral kite, is so cheap to make.

The complete step-by-step instructions ensure success, and a detailed Table of Contents helps you quickly find where you were up to. Plus the location of other information, such as the flight report.

With edges 90 cm (35 in.) long, this kite is a decent size and generates a satisfying pull on a 50-pound flying line in moderate winds.

This kite has been proven to have good stability and performance. It's nice to have that peace of mind when gusts or lulls come through!

Metric and Imperial units are used throughout. Hence you don't waste time converting measurements.

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Cheap—But GOOD!

Bamboo BBQ skewers can be found online as well as in supermarkets. A packet of 100 can cost as little as $2!

There are plenty of photos illustrating the building steps. Some of these are real closeups, plus there are two inflight photos. It's hard to go wrong when you can see the original kite taking shape, step by step.

Tools and materials are very cheap and simple. Nothing fancy. Most of these should already be sitting around your house somewhere. If not, they are widely available in stores for just a few dollars.

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Homemade = Fun to Build, Fun to Fly!

Store-bought kites are OK, but there is something extra to enjoy when that thing flying up there was made with your own hands! Even before it flies you'll have fun as the tetrahedral takes shape on your shed or living-room floor. When finished, bask in that "I made it myself" feeling.

Enjoy the satisfaction! And what's more...

It's nice knowing you are assured of a high-performance kite, just by following the instructions. Mine popped up to a 45-50 degree angle in smooth air down at the beach. That's not bad for a tetra!

Customers sometimes tell me how their kite flew so well, on the first attempt.

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"Build Your Own"—Get More From Your Hobby!

It's great having a bunch of colorful retail kites to fly, but there are benefits to making a few of your own too.

When there is some time to kill, building the tetra kite is another option for "enjoyable things to do." For example, when you are on a holiday or vacation. This design will fit into the back seat of most cars, fully assembled. You can be ready to fly in under a minute.

If you take care of your kite, you will get months or even years of fun out of your small investment of time and money. Making additional kites is even cheaper, since not all your bought materials are used up first time around. That's cheap insurance!

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BONUS! A Real Flight Report

That is, a report of an actual outing with the original tetra kite. Get inspired to have some good high flights with your new kite too! You might know plenty about handling single-liners, but you can still be entertained by someone else's flying experience with this kite.

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Handy PDF File Printouts

Print out the e-book as a ready reference while making your tetra kite. It's formatted to come out clean and neat, with no awkward split pages or lines. It's not a bad idea to keep each appendix stapled separately. You can then refer to only those you need at any given time.

Nearly all types of computers work with PDF files, so you are unlikely to have trouble using this PDF format e-book. You just need to have Adobe Reader installed on your computer.

File size is just under 1Mb. That's a small download, so you can get your hands on it quite quickly.

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So, are you ready to loft a super-cheap kite this week-end? All your Tetra kite needs is a moderate breeze. A bit of gustiness doesn't matter.

Follow through the complete step-by-step instructions in your spare time—it's nothing hard. And then look forward to feeling that flying line tension up as your impressive tetra heads for the clouds!

Remember... Every new kite is an adventure!

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