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Printable, step-by-step e-book covers everything

Hi! I'm Tim Parish, a former glider-pilot and self-confessed "kite nut." I was at it for quite a number of years, testing and refining many single-line designs. I'm sure you'll enjoy this one!

An efficient MBK Dowel design, like this tailless delta kite, is so cheap to make. Yet it will hang up there in very light winds long after many heavier store-bought kites drift to the ground. The complete step-by-step instructions plus plans cater for all kite-building experience levels, with a detailed Table of Contents to save you time.

With 1.2 meters (4 feet) spars, this kite is a decent size and flies beautifully on a 50-pound flying line in light winds. In the lightest winds, even your fairly young son or daughter can hang on for a while.

Don't be frustrated on very light-wind days! Chances are your Dowel kite will still fly OK.

This kite has been proven to have good stability and performance. It's nice to have that peace of mind when gusts or lulls come through!

Metric, Imperial, and generic units are used throughout. Hence you don't waste time converting measurements.

The e-book is handy for these reasons:

  1. The photographs are larger with better detail. Free of live web-page restrictions on size and quality.
  2. Being a PDF document, it lets you obtain nicely formatted printouts of the instructions.
  3. If you have a laptop or tablet, you may prefer to work directly from the screen. Down in the shed or spare room.

In addition to basic construction and flying info, the e-book also provides

  • construction details for making the kite transportable, so it can be rolled up into a slim package and taken anywhere
  • tips for rigging and de-rigging if you chose to make the kite transportable
  • detailed modification tips for perfect flight, in case the kite doesn't fly straight

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Quick, Cheap - But GOOD!

An MBK Dowel kite is a relatively quick build compared to more conventional fiberglass and cloth kites. Even allowing for gluing time, only a day or three need pass before the results can be enjoyed. Not only convenient for you, but it's also good for family harmony! Neatness and space are soon returned.

There are plenty of photos illustrating the building steps. Some of these are real closeups, plus there are two inflight photos. It's hard to go wrong when you can see the original kite taking shape, step by step.

Even if you have some experience as a kite maker, the detailed Table of Contents makes it easy to pick and choose just what you need to finish this high-performance kite.

Tools and materials are very cheap and simple. Nothing fancy. Most of these should already be sitting around your house somewhere. If not, they are widely available in stores for just a few dollars.

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Homemade = Fun to Build, Fun to Fly!

Store-bought kites are OK, but there is something extra to enjoy when that thing flying up there was made with your own hands! Even before it flies you'll have fun as the Dowel Delta kite takes shape on your shed or living-room floor. When finished, bask in that "I made it myself" feeling.

Enjoy the satisfaction! And what's more...

It's nice knowing you are assured of a high-performance kite, just by following the instructions! Customers sometimes tell me how their kite flew so well, on the first attempt.

You will be shown how to extract the most from your homemade delta kite. Despite the rather ordinary materials! Have the satisfaction of seeing your creation fly "like a bought one" or most likely, better.

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"Build Your Own"—Get More From Your Hobby!

It's great having a bunch of colorful retail kites to fly, but there are benefits to making a few of your own too...

Amaze people down at the park or beach when you tell them how little your Dowel Delta kite cost! Stay within your budget without compromising on flying enjoyment.

This delta kite is very much a "light-wind kite." Your favorite big store-bought kite might not stay up in the lightest winds, but now you can just fly the delta instead! This is great if your spare time is limited.

You'll soon start to appreciate the unique joys and challenges of keeping a kite up in very light winds. Amaze and inspire onlookers who come up and say "but there's hardly any wind!"

Imagine entertaining them as you hone your light-wind skills.

When there is some time to kill, building the delta is another option for "enjoyable things to do." For example, when you are on a holiday or vacation. This design can be quickly dismantled, rolled up and stored like a sled kite. This long thin package can be taken just about anywhere and can be ready to fly in just a minute or three.

If you take care of your kite, you will get months or even years of fun out of your small investment of time and money. Making additional kites is even cheaper, since not all your bought materials are used up first time around. That's cheap insurance!

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Complete Instructions Ensure Success!

Find just what you need with the detailed Table of Contents, particularly if you have made a few kites before:

MBK Dowel Delta Kite - eBook TOC

Did you notice that bonus kite design in there? In a nutshell, here's what you get when you build the Multi-Dowel Delta:

*** A kite with twice the span and four times the sail area of the Dowel Delta.

*** Adjustable billow for max wind-range or max light-wind performance.

*** With the exception of the spreader, the packed-down kite is the same length as the Dowel Delta package!

Perhaps you have bought a lot of kites, but only made very few.

The information in the eBook is so complete, you are assured of success if you follow carefully. Materials, construction, knots, the flying line, even launch techniques are covered!

Get a good wind range and maximum height out of your kite. How? ...

Following the instructions exactly will ensure the delta kite is accurately made. The sail will be very symmetrical and so will the horizontal spar curvature. This is a real head start to getting a balanced kite that flies straight up!

How are you with knots? Even though you might have your own favorite knots for bridles and lines, all mine are fully explained and illustrated in the e-book. Just in case!

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BONUS! A Real Flight Report

That is, a report of an actual outing with the original delta kite. Get inspired to have some good high flights with your new kite too! You might know plenty about handling single-liners, but you can still be entertained by someone else's flying experience with this kite.

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Handy PDF File Printouts

Print out the e-book as a ready reference while making your delta kite. It's formatted to come out clean and neat, with no awkward split pages or lines. It's not a bad idea to keep each appendix stapled separately. You can then refer to only those you need at any given time.

Nearly all types of computers work with PDF files, so you are unlikely to have trouble using this PDF format e-book. You just need to have Adobe Reader installed on your computer.

File size is well under 2 Mb. That's a small download, so you can get your hands on it quite quickly. Even over a dial-up connection!

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Why might you prefer the delta kite over the other seven in the Dowel Series? Why, because of its attractive bird-like shape and high efficiency!

So, are you ready to loft a super-cheap kite this week-end? Who cares if there's hardly any wind, your new delta should still hang up there!

Follow through the complete step-by-step instructions in your spare time—it's nothing hard. And then look forward to feeling that flying line tension up as your impressive delta kite heads for the clouds!

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Some testimonials:

I successfully downloaded the Dowel Delta ebook - and successfully made the kite! It is wonderful. ... I spent all of yesterday making it and flying it. My project is a success now - thank you!... I want to make more kites from your website now. It is addictive!"

- Sophie B. (UK)

I just wanted to let you know about my experience flying my very own and first MBK Delta ... Many thanks for the detailed instructions. I'm not sure why I started making kites this year, but so far it's been very enjoyable. If I end up spending all my free time building kites, it's probably your fault."

- Eric L. (Japan)

"I built the delta dowel kite and LOVE this simple but terrific flyer, no bad habits and in a moderate breeze flies steady and HIGH. Thanks for the plans and (I'll) keep you posted on other ones I plan to build and enjoy."

- Richard Q. (Canada)

"I purchased the E-book on building the MBK Delta (Light) wood dowel kite. Highly recommended and I am an experienced kite builder."

- John G. (South Africa)

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