How To Build A Rokkaku Kite

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The MBK 2-Skewer Rokkaku

How To Build A Rokkaku Kite

The MBK 2-Skewer Rokkaku kite in flight.

Up there is a picture of the original MBK 2-Skewer Rokkaku kite in flight, at the local flying field. Apart from its black tip-tapes, it's almost identical to the one described on this page.

Assuming there is some breeze outside, just dangle the kite at arm's length until the wind catches it. As long as you feel the kite pulling, let out line slowly by letting it slip through your fingers. If you have been careful to get the bridle looking just like the diagram, the kite should eagerly climb high on every puff of breeze.

Another approach is to get a helper to hold the kite up and let it go, with maybe 10 or 20 meters of line let out. This way, the kite soon gets high enough to make it easy to let more line out.

Once you have seen the kite fly you can try adjusting the Prusik knot (the one closest to the flying line) just a tiny amount at a time to see what happens.

Out In The Field

Rokkaku kite stories of my real-life flying experiences are worth checking out!

Illustrated with photos and videos, of course.

NOTE: In very light wind this kite can appear to be unstable, spinning this way and that. Much like a fighter kite! However, all it needs is a little more breeze.

If you are not confident to fly the kite in this state, just bow the lower horizontal spar. That is, tie a piece of flying line between the lower left and right corners of the sail so the tips are raised by another centimeter or two (1/2").

Another remedy is to attach a short light tail to the bottom corner of the kite. Easy!

If the sides of the sail curve inwards very noticeably during flight, it is time to bring the kite down before something breaks. Try again on a less windy day.

Have fun flying, and I hope you've enjoyed learning how to how to build a Rokkaku kite!

Now, just in case you have actually made and flown this kite at least once already...

Ever Made This Kite?

You've probably read a kite-flying story or 2 of mine, after they appear under the "what's new?" link on this site. I sometimes wonder if anyone else has made and flown this particular design...

If you feel your efforts really paid off when the the kite finally got airborne - please type a few paragraphs in here telling us all about it!

P.S. I can only accept stories of at least 300 words. Just mention a few details like the weather, onlookers, the kite's behavior and so on - 300 words is easy!

Flight Reports From Other Visitors

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Making Skewer Kites is one of my downloadable, printable e-books which has instructions for Diamond, Delta and Box kites - among many others. All well-tested designs. There's nothing like flying something you made yourself!

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