Good kite books and bad kite books

by David

When I was in middle school (early 1980s), the local electrical utility used to give out "kite safety" booklets every March. The booklets had kite-making instructions, but they were so poorly written! I wanted to make my own kite so much, but I got heartbreakingly poor results from those instructions.

Similarly, some of the kites books at the library just weren't enough to help a 10 year old kid make a kite. I finally found one library book (I wish I could remember the title) that really explained things carefully. What an amazing feeling to see my first kite fly.

I really have respect for authors who write instructional books for young readers.

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Writing instructions
by: Tim P.

It does take some patience to write good 'How To ...' material. The kite-making instructions on this site are aimed at a wide audience, but hopefully are clear enough and straight-forward enough for many 10 year olds to follow, as well. For at least the simpler designs.

As for the most complex designs... I've had reports of adults successfully making and flying the inflatable MBK Octopus and also the many-stringed and multi-vented MBK Parasail. After publishing those, I couldn't help wondering if any one could actually be bothered to go to that amount of trouble :-) But a few people always do. Keen builders.

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