The Double Knot

Variations And Applications

The single-strand Double knot is just an extension of the Simple knot. Being considerable bigger than the Simple knot though, it is an ideal terminator for a Slip knot...

That is, the Double knot will not allow the end of the line to pull through the turns of the Slip knot, once pulled up tight against the turns.

The single-strand Double knot.Single-strand Double knot

Knowing your knots is particularly handy if you make your own kites at home...

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The Double Knot - Single Strand

Knot Tying Illustration - The Double Knot.1. Around and over
The Double Knot - 33. Under and through
The Double Knot - 22. Under and through
The Double Knot - 44. Pull tight

Another possible use is to prevent a Prusik knot from pulling through, since they do tend to work through a bit after being locked and unlocked numerous times. So far, I haven't had any trouble just using a Simple knot as the terminator - but you could use the Double just for peace of mind!

The Double Knot - Multi-Strand

The Multi-Strand Double Knot - 1
The Multi-Strand Double Knot - 2
The Multi-Strand Double Knot - 3
The Multi-Strand Double Knot - 4

If you ever need to cut and then re-join a piece of bridle line, the Multi Strand Double Knot is handy. It's so easy to do, and that extra turn of line makes it slip-proof. Unlike the Simple knot when connecting 2 lines!

I also use this knot for flying line, although it probably reduces the breaking strain significantly. But no more than all the accidental knots and frays that a well-used line tends to accumulate anyway! This is not so much of a concern in a bridle since in that case the strain is shared between 2 or more lines.

Apart from modifying a bridle, this also comes in handy when scrapping old sail and re-using the horizontal spar(s).

I actually did this during the trials and tribulations with the very first build of the Dowel Roller kite! The old bridle lines were snipped so they could be fed through holes in the new sail.

Don't forget to have a look at all my kite designs...

The Big MBK E-book Bundle is a collection of downloads - printable PDF files which provide step-by-step instructions for many kites large and small.

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