Kite Making - Simplest Guidelines

by Mutukwa
(Livingstone, Zambia)

To be honest I had never before last week had ever made a kite by myself. Even when I was a kid I used to find it hard to make one for myself.

So when I saw my son making an imitation of a kite I was embarrassed to give him a hand because I knew I would not be able to give any help. After work the following day I checked on the Internet to see how I could make a kite.

I bumped on to this site and went through this step by step procedure. I could not wait as I got all the advised accessories and dashed home.

The following day after picking him from school we made the kite with my son following the steps. I was honest enough to tell him that this would be the first kite I would be making. I also assured him that nevertheless it would fly no matter what.

And for sure it did fly. It was a wonderful moment for my son and myself too.

Thank you.

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Making Tim's Tiny Tots Diamond Kite

by May Parish
(Adelaide, Australia)

All from a blue plastic shopping bag.

All from a blue plastic shopping bag.

I was asked by my hubby - Tim, to 'test out' his kite-making instructions on the page. My first thought was - 'gosh.. how long will it take me?' ('cos I've seen his other kite-making instructions which were very detailed with lots of specifications to follow).

To my surprise, it was VERY EASY! I followed the instructions and finished making the kite in 35 minutes. I was telling him that with enough practice, it will probably take me only 15 mins.

The only 'tricky steps' I encountered were:

- trying to make a hole in the plastic to poke the string through for securing the two skewers. I tried to use the scissors but was afraid to make the hole too big. I should have just used the tip of the skewer which I cut off earlier but I got a needle and made the hole instead.

- tying the knot to secure the piece of string that I wound round the cross-section of the skewers.

To conclude, I must admit that I've enjoyed making the kite. It was even more satisfying to see that it flew so well! What a success - Tim's instructions for kite-making and my kite-making effort!

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It was a perfect kite

by Dean Seton

I am 13 years old and wanted to do something fun with my 3 year old brother so I decided to make a kite. After looking at several rubbish websites I found this one, printed the instructions for the Tiny Tots Diamond kite and me, my mum and brother had it up and flying perfectly in no time.

It really is the perfect child's kite and is so easy to make and fly. Definitely 'MY BEST KITE'

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Perfect Kite

I made this for a school compitition and I won. It was the fastest and flew the longest.


T.P. - I wouldn't normally accept such a short submission. But in this case, I made an exception. :-) Congratulations!

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Sail The Blue

by Aylia Lambert

I watched the dragon kites with colorful tails on the beach at Todds Point in Greenwich CT...

Remembering the time my aunt helped us make kites from newspapers and flour paste, salvaged string and torn-up sheets for tails.

We took the materials out on the lawn and soon the whole neighborhood was involved.

We had about an acre of ground down the hill from my grandmother's and it was alive with flying kites of every color!

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