Catch the wind.....

by Boni

When I was a kid, long ago in the '60s, there was no Internet and no kites-related books in my home...

Our need for something that can fly, was satisfied by applying huge fantasy, a lot of time and energy in make testing and adjustments until "the thing" was beginning to climb...

And when the kite (or almost a kite) was beginning to fly, the enthusiasm blasting around ... until the next logical decision to make a better new one!

We learnt that some are able to fly better, others aren't. And that some differences exist between flying and flapping.

The years go, profession and family taken top of the priorities.

Early or late, the desire to fly a kite come back, no matter if in the meanwhile you has been a pilot and/or an aeromodeller. No matter you have a thousand of flying hours or you made a hundred of RC models, the view of that shape of paper or fabric or film, to became smaller, high in the blue sky. To hear the sound of the line played by wind. All this is still a great sensation, a great satisfaction and a sense of happiness rise up in your heart.

A good reference kite construction book is the best bridge between the ideas and the reality and if there are children around... don't believe that to win against the modern electronic games is a too difficult duty!

Give to your child your good example, they will learn quickly. Often, they will show you to be more skilled than you believe.

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Thankyou Tim....
by: Boni

Thankyou Tim, please forgive my poor "Italish" ...

Your books are good for any skill level.

For rookies, just follow carefully and result will be good.

For experts, just take its dimensions and make it using rip-stop, carbon, Kevlar and all the top materials they wish, result will be always good!

Kids and kites
by: Ian

It's lucky we have this great internet site instead of needing to find a book. Anyone, anywhere can now get information to make kites.

Here, in Cambodia, where there is less money and less electronic devices for kids to play with, there are kids everywhere flying (homemade) kites. Very basic kites and all essentially the same design (like an india kite) but kids love it. They enjoy seeing my kites too that are much different to theirs and often much bigger.

The draw of flight
by: Tim P.

Great post Boni - although your burst of inspiration resulted in some rather long word-spaghetti ;-) Never mind, I whipped out the kitchen scissors and made your post more palatable to readers.

Interesting point you make about manual skill level. Knots tend to be the hardest part for them... For the very smallest kites, solutions can be found using just a strip of tape to secure the line at the towing point. Did that for my Indoor series.

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