Beginner's Luck

by Dayne
(Ontario, Canada)

As a kid, I never really managed to get a kite flying. The only kite I'd ever owned was a store-bought two-line stunt kite made to look like an airplane, and it was so difficult for me to even get it off the ground that I put it away and largely forgot about kites until now.

Then, recently, I had a dream I could fly.

My parents strongly objected to me ever trying hang gliding, so I figured I'd better scratch the flying itch with kites instead. I found this website, and then proceeded to make the 2-Skewer Delta kite. It looked so good! Then I went out on a day too windy, with clouds too ominous, and busted it.

Undeterred, I had a look at the soft kites here, and made the Soft Sled. No busted kite for me this time, no sir! It did my heart good to take it out (on a good day now) and see it effortlessly jump into the sky.

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