Beginner's Luck

by Dayne
(Ontario, Canada)

As a kid, I never really managed to get a kite flying. The only kite I'd ever owned was a store-bought two-line stunt kite made to look like an airplane, and it was so difficult for me to even get it off the ground that I put it away and largely forgot about kites until now.

Then, recently, I had a dream I could fly.

My parents strongly objected to me ever trying hang gliding, so I figured I'd better scratch the flying itch with kites instead. I found this website, and then proceeded to make the 2-Skewer Delta kite. It looked so good! Then I went out on a day too windy, with clouds too ominous, and busted it.

Undeterred, I had a look at the soft kites here, and made the Soft Sled. No busted kite for me this time, no sir! It did my heart good to take it out (on a good day now) and see it effortlessly jump into the sky.

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Good choice
by: Ian

Good to hear you kept trying. The soft sled is a great choice as I've made 4 of them in different sizes. They all like slightly different conditions but all fly well.

I find launching easiest by tying the line down with at least 4 metres of line out and hold the kite with both hands to get it to fill with wind and take shape properly. If it launches with creases in it it won't take long to come back down.

A very good reliable flyer though once up there. I tend to build them using 2 colours of plastic which looks great. I hope you keep flying.

by: Tim P.

Good on you for persisting! Perhaps try a 1-Skewer design later. Although smaller, they tend to be more tolerant of a bit of extra wind. Also, you can add more tail if necessary.

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