A Great Date

by AJ
(Asheville, NC, USA)

I found this site about a month ago. My girlfriend works a job where she has to leave and be gone for a week at a time. It's a taxing job and I'm always looking for relaxing ways to spend our days upon her return. While gone she called to say that she wanted to do something both technical and crafty to help her decompress. I managed to come up with build a kite.

We built the barn-door kite. I toiled over finding the proper materials, and as we began building we were both uncertain the thing would actually even work. But with wine, your instructions, and my lady's artistic talent we were able to put together something that looked like it might, just might, fly.

We took the kite up to a spot we'd both been longing to go. Max Patch. It's this unbelievable field on the peak of a mountain. There's a 360 view of the surrounding Blue Ridge Mountains. What a spot.

We arrived on our 3 month anniversary with storm clouds quick behind us. We had to give a shot. I held out barn-door kite over my head and the wind took it immediately. It sailed right up into the sky with ease.

It was so beautiful. My lady wrapped her arms around me and we watched the storm come across the valley, our kite flying on it's head wind. Super magical moment.

Thanks so much for making this moment available to us. Your instructions were incredibly detailed, and at times quite painstakingly and frustratingly so. But with them we created this kite, this flying thing. Flying, like we are. Thank you.

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