"22 Quick-Build Kites To Make"

Flying Fun Forever With Plastic, Tape and Bamboo Skewers!

Hi! I'm Tim Parish, a 50+ 'kite nut' who has researched many designs over recent years. And made quite a few kites of my own, of course.

Tim flying the 2-Skewer Dopero kite.

It's been a lot of fun testing and refining these designs so that you too can have plenty of enjoyment and success. Whether winds are light or a bit fresh, there's a kite to suit.

(NOTE: MBK Skewer Kites are made from thin 12" bamboo skewers, which come in packs of 100. The Metric size is 300mm long x 3mm thick. The biggest kites do best with 4mm skewers.)

Why buy this downloadable book? In a word - convenience...

  1. Since your book is just a PDF file on your computer or mobile device, it doesn't take up space on a shelf.
  2. The book lets you print out nicely formatted pages to have beside you, while you build. It's easy to select just the pages relevant to one kite too! No need to print off the whole huge book.

And this is what one satisfied customer had to say...

"Not only do the kites fly ... yours are also the clearest instructions I have found."
- Brenda (CA, USA)

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So Many Kites To Make...

  • The Tiny Tots Diamond. (ultra-basic small Diamond for any child who can grasp a string)
  • The 1-Skewer Series. (quick and easy small kites: Sled, Diamond, Barn Door, Rokkaku, Sode, Delta, Roller, Dopero and Box, all using single 30cm (12") skewers as spars)
  • The Skewer Tetrahedral. (a 4-cell cellular kite for moderate winds)
  • The 2-Skewer Series. (not-so-small, high-performance kites: Sled, Diamond, Barn Door, Rokkaku, Sode, Delta, Roller, Dopero and Box, all using two joined 30cm (12") skewers as spars)
  • The 3-Skewer A-Frame. (uses three joined 30cm (12") skewers as spars, and has twice the sail area of most 2-Skewer designs)
  • The 3-Skewer Sled. (a very stable and collapse-proof 3-spar Sled with a great wind range)

There they all are, in order, over there on the right...

Scroll down past the bottom of this page to see a photo of every kite in flight...

Click to buy the e-book 'Making Skewer Kites'.
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This book should prove to be a handy kite-making reference for a long time to come. I hope it returns it's value back to you, many times over!

Cheap materials keep the costs way down. What's more, most of the 'tools' are probably lying around your house somewhere already! Nothing fancy is required, believe me.

All the knot-tying is explained, step by step. You'll soon learn them, and they will definitely come in handy for future projects.

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You Get All This In The Download...

  • over 280 pages of single-line kiting goodness!
  • 22 kite designs, which will cover you for a wide range of weather conditions.
  • More than 370 illustrative photographs, many of them close-ups.
  • Detailed step-by-step instructions for each and every design.
  • Detailed 3-view plans for most designs.
  • A clickable Table of Contents so detailed, there's 7 pages of it!
  • Appendices for Knot Tying, Making Tails, Making A Winder, and more. Hence the instructions are rather complete.

Do these kites really fly that well? Don't take my word for it. See what others say...

"(2-Skewer Delta) This is my second MBK kite - the first was a 2 skewer diamond. ... it flew extremely well in winds ranging from nothing to about 3 kph, almost overflying on several occasions. ... All in all, a great light wind kite. It's just a pity sunset ended the session!"
- Trevor (WA, Australia)

"(2-Skewer Rokkaku) ... What a brilliant little kite! It went up with ease in 3 to 5 km/hr breeze, and stayed there, then flew for hours as the wind meter gradually built up to an average 10 kph. Came back down into my hand after hitting 400 feet effortlessly and hanging there seemingly motionless."
- Peter (NSW, Australia)

"(2-Skewer Dopero) ... Once again a few wobbles, then at about 15 feet, in cleaner air, up it shot. All the line was out in what felt like half a second and was probably closer to 20, with the kite pulling strongly and evenly, then with all the line out it climbed almost straight overhead. ... Thanks, Tim, for another great kite."
- Trevor (WA, Australia)

"(2-Skewer Roller) Grand-kids and I had a lot of fun building this Roller. ... Did it fly? Why of course we have not had any of the kites that I built from this site not fly. Thanks to Tim for such good plans. And the amount of work that he must do to keep it all updated."
- Ron (AK, USA)

"(1-Skewer Sled) My wife and I are Leaders for our local scout group. ... I found 'My Best Kite' and picked the Sled kite. It was very easy to make, all our cubs managed it in less than an hour. ... Every single Sled kite flew perfect first time and the kids really enjoyed it!"
- James (England)

"(1-Skewer Diamond) This kite flew quite well. As you can gather from the name, it was easy to make. I would recommend the 1-Skewer Diamond to any person who doesn't have experience with kite making."
- Sara (TX, USA)

"(1-Skewer Delta) I found MBK and decided to make the 1-Skewer Delta. I used 3 very thin skewers ... and really thin garbage bags. ... Turns out, all I had to do was a really light walk, the Delta kite flew up into the air right above me where it managed to find it's own breeze. Had a blast!"
- Chris (QLD, Australia)

Making Skewer Kites e-book - order button.

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The above e-book provides a lot of building and flying fun for the money.

But what if you need to cover the whole range - from very small 'kids kites' right through to huge kite designs for adults? ...

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"Every new kite is an adventure"

Tim Parish - looking skyward

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Plenty of fun kite info, photos and videos - there's definitely too much here for only one visit! Feel free to leave your impressions of this site or just this page, below...

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Get step-by-step instructions and more, for all these designs when you download the e-book...

1-Skewer Kites
30cm (12")

The MBK Tiny Tots Diamond.Tiny Tots Diamond
The MBK 1-Skewer Barn Door kite.Barn Door
The MBK 1-Skewer Sode kite.Sode
The MBK 1-Skewer Roller kite.Roller
The MBK 1-Skewer Rokkaku kite.Rokkaku
The MBK 1-Skewer Delta kite.Delta
The MBK 1-Skewer Dopero kite.Dopero
The MBK 1-Skewer Box kite.Box
The MBK Skewer Tetrahedral kite.Tetrahedral

2-Skewer Kites
60cm (24")

The MBK 2-Skewer Sled kite.Sled
The MBK 2-Skewer Barn Door kite.Barn Door
The MBK 2-Skewer Sode kite.Sode
The MBK 2-Skewer Roller kite.Roller
The MBK 2-Skewer Diamond kite.Diamond
The MBK 2-Skewer Rokkak kite.Rokkaku
The MBK 2-Skewer Delta kite.Delta
The MBK 2-Skewer Dopero kite.Dopero
The MBK 2-Skewer Box kite.Box

3-Skewer Kites
90cm (36")

The MBK 3-Skewer A-Frame Kite.A-Frame
MBK 3-Skewer Sled Kite3-Spar Sled