Making Or Painting At Home Is Best!

Are you a scratch builder or a paint a kit one kind of person? Either way, this site has the info you need. And either way, there is a lot of personal satisfaction to be had!

Flying the resulting kites can be great fun for all the family, from age 2 to 102. Small kites for small kids, even toddlers. Larger or even huge flying creations for, well, the more mature among us who enjoy a building challenge. Besides, bigger usually flies better!

For the kit-kite painters, flying several of them on the one line in 'trains' opens up all sorts of creative possibilities.

A huge home-made Barn Door kite lifted the camera for this aerial shot.The view, hanging a camera from the line of a large kite

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Don't get me wrong - the world of modern retail or designer kites is fascinating, and you will find plenty of images and commentary here. But nothing quite compares to seeing your own work floating way up there. Even if it's just your own paint job.

It's almost never too calm - or too windy - to fly, as long as you pick the right kite to make. The information here makes that easy!

And the kit-kites have a rather wide wind range anyway. This means you can go out and fly pretty much any day you see evidence of some wind outside. See the kite trains link over there on the left to find the kits.

This site has 3 areas of focus....

  1. Learning to make a kite, of course! Roll your sleeves up and enjoy the construction process. Then get out and fly, with the sun on your face and the wind on your back. Anyone can afford dowels or bamboo skewers, some plastic bags and sticky tape. Sounds very homey and humble - but we routinely have some amazing high flights with these light-weight craft. And yes, there are plenty of photos and videos of all the building and flying action.
  2. Visitors contribute their own building and flying experiences. Photos too, from time to time. New stories are always coming in, and the variety is unending!
  3. General kiting information abounds here, particularly when you dig a little deeper into the site. A large body of researched facts and photos provide an interesting and educational background on the hobby. Find out about the most popular kinds of fabric and paper designs being flown these days, or in times past. Discover things you never knew.

Plus there is some kite info that is just plain different, and intriguing...

Like the radio-controlled variety being deftly flown indoors in Singapore, or a flexible flying monster the size of a football field! But we'll get to that later.

And it's probably worth mentioning that MBK Kits, train-flying and associated stories are a developing theme!

This is not a website for young children to use. Hence I will only knowingly interact with visitors of age 13 years and upwards. For full details, please use the Privacy Policy link at the end of this page.

By clicking the what's new! link at the top left of this page, you can stay up-to-date with the latest additions to this site. From any of those 3 areas in that numbered list above.

This includes those occasions when we - and others from all around the world - write up flying outings as Flight Reports.

Some inflatables at the Adelaide International Kite Festival.Adelaide Kite Festival

We are based in the city of Adelaide, South Australia, home to one of the bigger annual kiting festivals in Australia, and possibly the whole Southern Hemisphere. We've been keeping tabs on this festival for years, and we're not about to stop, don't you worry. :-)

The picture over there was taken at one such event, as we walked along the jetty at Semaphore Beach. A light Southerly was blowing along the sand, and music boomed from loud-speakers arranged along one side of the wooden planks.

At other times, live commentary kept everyone informed about interesting aspects of the aerial display.

The Benefits Of Flying Kites...

Although not strenuous most of the time, kiting is quite a healthy activity!

  1. Office workers can get some much-needed Vitamin D from sunlight. My wife's a court officer, and she certainly doesn't get much Vitamin-D inducing sunlight while she's at her desk. Or anywhere in the building actually, since windows apparently screen out most of the UV.
  2. It's good exercise for your eyes, focusing near and far all the time. Helps slow down the progression of 'old age sight'. I know all about it, trying to unpick the tiny Lark's Head knot to detach a small kite from its 20-pound Dacron line...
  3. Breathe that fresh air! We're very fortunate here in Adelaide, in that respect.
  4. You can even fit in a bit of moderate exercise sometimes, when towing up to search for faster air!
  5. Getting the kids involved too is good quality family time. You can see it in our faces, in the photo below...
Tim and Aren flying the Windjam Delta kite.Quality family time!

In my opinion, every new kite is an adventure. Whether scratch-built or kit-painted. Come and join us!


What's New!

  1. Flight Report:
    Successful Parachute Drops

    May 30, 16 11:56 PM

    One of the Ideas in my weekly email Tips-n-Ideas Series is dropping small parachutes from a kite line. This idea was inspired by a site visitor who contributed a story to the site about how his family…

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Plenty of fun kite info, photos and videos - there's definitely too much here for only one visit! Feel free to leave your impressions of this site or just this page, below...



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"Love the easy to understand step by step instructions, made from next to nothing materials and above all so much fun to fly... cheers Tim for sharing your well thought out pdf kite designs with the whole world.

Very satisfying making your own and watching them get air-born for the first time."


"I've just bought your super e-book and spent most of last night pouring through all the great stuff in it!

Very detailed and USEFUL information - thanks for such a great book."


"30+ years ago, I tried making a kite using the 'instructions' in a free kite-safety booklet. What a disappointment for a young boy.

 Your instructions and methods are wonderful. You help the builder to focus on accuracy, without making it hard. Also, you use materials that are durable, yet cheap!"


"omg i made a kite from this site and i fly it ....... booom i didnt expect this bc in the other sites instuction are trash

thank you"