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Great Performance in Light Breezes
Coastal or Way Inland

For a big diamond kite, this Eddy-style design is rather efficient in light wind. Mine has performed well at all our local inland flying spots, which tend to be very gusty. This kite has been up in more moderate breezes too, but it's really best as a light-wind kite.

Just about everyone has seen a diamond kite, whether in the air or just as an image somewhere. But onlookers will immediately find this one a little odd, and perhaps look twice—since it has no tail.

My most enjoyable flights with this kite have been on quite long lines of up to 120 meters (400 feet) length, on "light wind and thermals" days. You don't often hear of diamonds going overhead, but this one is certainly capable of it. It's a lot of fun!

The e-book is handy for these reasons:

  1. The photographs are larger with better detail. Free of live web-page restrictions on size and quality.
  2. Being a PDF document, it lets you obtain nicely formatted printouts of the instructions.
  3. If you have a laptop or tablet, you may prefer to work directly from the screen. Down in the shed or spare room.

In addition to basic construction and flying info, the e-book also provides

  • construction details for making the kite transportable, so it can be rolled up into a slim package and taken anywhere
  • tips for rigging and de-rigging if you chose to make the kite transportable
  • detailed bridle adjustment hints and tips for perfect flight

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Rather than drone on about everything the e-book contains, I'll just let you look over the Table of Contents, below:

Did you notice that bonus kite design in there? In a nutshell, here's what you get when you build the Multi-Dowel Diamond:

*** A kite with twice the span and four times the sail area of the Dowel Diamond.

*** When de-rigged and packed down, this kite is the same length as the Dowel Diamond package!

This video shows the big diamond in its element—sunny, light-wind weather. A three-leg bridle helps make this kite a smooth flyer, with no wing-waggle over most of its wind range.

A testimonial:

"I attempted to make my own kite ... and failed miserably. I made a quick and dirty version of the MBK Dowel Diamond kite and was absolutely amazed at how easily it took off in even the slightest breeze. ... Thanks so much for the help!"
- Ben K. (KY, USA)

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Here's the button for secure purchases via credit card or Paypal:

     $1.95 (USD)



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