"Kites Up!"

An MBK Board Game

Watch this space!

As soon as the board game Kites Up! is fully finished and tested, you'll be able to purchase it here. For now, this page will serve to keep you updated on news about progress on the product's development.

Right now, the basic game-play on a small black & white prototype is almost finalized. Most of the flaws have been discovered and fixed.

Work is almost complete on a final version, which is identical to the prototype in terms of game-play. The final version features a much larger playing area and hence larger print sizes are used throughout. Some color has also been incorporated.

The game is entering Beta testing, meaning that more people than just the members of my own family get to play and report on the game!

Once the beta-testers are all happy, perhaps over a period of several weeks, the game will be submitted to a professional graphic artist for a final make-over of appearance. And then Kites Up! will be up for sale!

The photo down there will be updated shortly, to show the latest version...

The old monochrome prototype, mid-game
The old prototype, mid-game

Looking to the future

Thanks to the nature of this product, I might also make a pre-printed version available for delivery through the post. With the printing done on photo paper, that would leave little more for a customer to do than just cut out the pieces and then start playing.

Also on the cards (no pun intended!) would be low-priced versions in other languages for people in India and the Philippines. MBK gets a lot of visitors from those places. 

That's all the news for now. 

Tim P.

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