"Kites Up!"

An MBK Board Game

Watch this space!

As soon as a full version of Kites Up! (formerly called 3 to 300) is available, you'll be able to purchase it here. For now, this page will serve to keep you updated on news about progress on the product.

You might be asking 'Why should I buy it? How is it different to the free prototype?'

Glad you asked ;-)

The full version will feature...

  • A larger playing area and hence a larger print size on all the elements such as the board and the various cards.
  • Full-color graphic art to a professional standard. After all, it will be 'a bought one' :-)  
  • Greatly extended kite and line data to make the game more realistic and interesting. Not to mention making the game more educational about the world of single-line kiting!
  • Well-tested game-play via feedback from players of the free prototype. This will be unaffected by moving up to the paid version. 

Looking to the future

Thanks to the nature of this product, I might also make a pre-printed version available for delivery through the post. With the printing done on photo paper, that would leave little more for a customer to do than just cut out the pieces and then start playing.

Also on the cards (no pun intended!) would be low-priced versions in other languages for people in India and the Philippines. MBK gets a lot of visitors from those places. 

That's all the news for now. 

Tim P.

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