When You
CAN'T Fly Kites...

You CAN Play "Kites Up!"

Who will be the first to get five kites to full height?

It's all about kite and line selection, with an eye on the wind strength of course.

With a short rules page, everyone will soon get the hang of it. But don't be fooled—this game is anything but boringly predictable!

So is this a game of chance or skill? It's roughly 50/50, so a newbie might win. But an experienced kite flyer will be more likely to get those kites up first! And of course, anyone who plays this game a lot will soon get better at winning :-)

Players: 2–4

Time: 30–50 m

Age: 16+

Avoid frustration during bad weather. Try this downloadable board game for those non-flyable days! By a kite-flyer—for kite-flyers.

"Kites Up!" An MBK Board Game - recent prototype mid-game.Which player is about to win?
"Kites Up!" An MBK Board Game - recent prototype mid-game.Which player is about to win?


  • Choice of kites and lines from the Kite Shop
  • Changing weather conditions
  • To launch or not to launch, that is the question!
  • Random bonuses + the odd setback
  • Valuable but risky kite-trains!
  • Inland vs coastal flying
  • Spinner-driven instead of dice
  • Collect five Kite Up! badges to win


  • Kite Up! badges
  • New kite and New line cards
  • Wind speed sequential cards
  • Field-flying surprise & beach-flying surprise cards
  • Launch tables card
  • kite-type player tokens
  • Square playing board
  • Spinner arrow

Why buy this game?

In a nutshell, we all know that it's such a pain to be ready to fly, but there's either a gale or a dead-calm out there! What to do? Pull out "Kites Up!" of course :-)

For example:

  1. You're at a big festival but nothing will stay up today. Gather a few people and start playing. Right there on the grass. Or on a beach towel over the sand. The pieces won't blow around, since there's no wind anyway!
  2. It's supposed to be a club fly day but the weather is atrocious, with strong wind and rain forecast. Everyone stays home. So get a few people over and pull out the "Kites Up!" board! 
  3. On a whim, you go out flying on the weekend, with your family. But the weather soon turns bad. Fortunately, "Kites Up!" comes to the rescue after you come home again.
  4. On holidays, there's a limit to how much kiting gear you can take along with you. But luckily there's a large envelope packed, containing the "Kites Up!" board and all the bits and pieces in smaller envelopes!

Ready to download?

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Print out the PDF, cut out the bits and then play, play, play :-)