How to Make a Soft Sled Kite

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Have you been down at the beach and seen these little sled kites flying? With no sticks involved, you can even carry one around in a pocket. Soft sleds are popular, since they are so quick and easy to get in the air!

Sure you can buy one, but did you know it's not hard to make a soft sled yourself?

The instructions in my free e-book show you how to make a soft sled kite step-by-step. All is illustrated by high-quality closeup photographs. But first, let me tell you a few things about this kite, which "looks like a bought one" when in flight.

Brief Summary

  • The kite is 60 cm (24 in.) long.
  • These are also known as para-sleds since the inflatable spars are similar to the open cells of a parafoil.
  • In flight, the MBK Soft Sled copes with a respectable range of wind speeds, from fairly light to moderate.
  • Although big sleds have a reputation for tremendous pulling force, the MBK Soft Sled has a very light pull on the flying line. This is due to its small size.
  • Like most soft kites, setup time is essentially zero. Just attach the flying line, and let some breeze into the inlets to inflate.
  • The whole kite and bridle roll up into a compact bundle. It would fit in many jacket pockets and some jeans pockets too.

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