How To Make A
Paper Sled Kite

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The instructions which show you how to make a paper sled kite are step-by-step and illustrated throughout by high-quality close-up photographs. But first, let me tell you a few things about this very cheap-to-make kite...

Brief Summary

  • The kite has a 40cm (15 3/4") tall sail.
  • In flight, the Paper Sled bobs from side to side at low wind speeds then flies straighter and smoother in stronger breezes.
  • Due to it's small size, this kite has a rather light pull on the flying line. Hence it may be flown by small children.
  • As an adult, you will be amazed at how high this little kite will go on polyester sewing thread! 
  • If you leave your winder attached to the kite, setup time out in the field is zero! No wasted time.

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Down At The Beach

Ready to see this little kite do it's thing? The movie below was taken down at a local beach, in almost perfect weather for it. The breeze was coming almost straight off the ocean.

For a while, the wind speed dropped a little, so the Paper Sled sank to a low line angle and bobbed constantly from left to right, just a few meters off the sand. But then, about half an hour later, the breeze came back and I took this short movie.

Later, with the little Sled on more than 300 feet of thread, it sat high and steady over a wide patch of beach at low tide. I brought the kite down almost to the sand before the strengthening breeze snapped the polyester thread right on cue - at about 28kph, according to the wind meter! But it had been a great flight.

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More About Paper Kites...

From the Summary up there, you already know a bit about a typical MBK Paper Series kite. But also... 

  • Despite this being a 'sticked' design, there no sticks to find or buy! Instead, you are shown a neat trick on how to make stiff and light spars from just paper and tape.
  • The kite takes up very little space in your home. Just stow it on a shelf or on top of a cupboard, with the winder underneath the kite.
  • You can make your own winder too, from just copier paper and sticky tape. 400 feet of ordinary polyester sewing thread can be wound on. This kite will easily fly to 300 feet above the ground on that length of line, in ideal conditions.
  • Paper. Tape. Thread. That's the complete materials list for this high-flying sparred kite and it's winder with line. Talk about convenient :-) You've probably got all that lying around the house somewhere!

"Making The MBK Paper Sled"

The Fully Illustrated E-book...

Knowing how to make a paper sled kite is just a few minutes away now. You could have it in the air before the sun goes down. OK, maybe by lunch time tomorrow :-)  You'll find it's a really fun little kite. To make and to fly...



Plenty of fun kite info, photos and videos - there's definitely too much here for only one visit! Feel free to leave your impressions of this site or just this page, below...

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"Love the easy to understand step by step instructions, made from next to nothing materials and above all so much fun to fly... cheers Tim for sharing your well thought out pdf kite designs with the whole world.

Very satisfying making your own and watching them get air-born for the first time."


"I decided to run kite making as an elective again on this camp in the past week - so I bought all your e-books, a bunch of materials, and then took a group of 10 high school students through making the kites over 4 days. We built a diamond, a Barn Door, a Delta, and two skew delta kites. Again - every single kite flew."


"I've just bought your super e-book and spent most of last night pouring through all the great stuff in it!

Very detailed and USEFUL information - thanks for such a great book."


"30+ years ago, I tried making a kite using the 'instructions' in a free kite-safety booklet. What a disappointment for a young boy.

 Your instructions and methods are wonderful. You help the builder to focus on accuracy, without making it hard. Also, you use materials that are durable, yet cheap!"


"omg i made a kite from this site and i fly it ....... booom i didnt expect this bc in the other sites instuction are trash

thank you"