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Oct 21, 2014

Flight Report:
Chasing The Breeze

Almost literally. A brief foray out to the local Primary school grounds with the Paper Sled was disappointing. The 5kph gusting to 9kph recorded only half an hour before had dwindled to the occasional 'gust' to, say, 2kph! Not nearly enough for the little spar-less Sled.

Back home, the weather stations online seemed to indicate a tad more breeze to the South and closer to the coast. So I hopped in the car with the 2-Skewer Sode kite, which excels in very light air. Down at the beach, it was another fruitless exercise in kite-towing. Or rather, swift pull-ins to get the kite up high before seeing it make lifeless vertical descents back to the sand.

A launch was possible in any direction, but a tiny drift towards the West was observed on one such flight. OK, let's launch from the water's edge then, directly into the 'breeze'. Well, for about 3 seconds, it looked like some sustained flight might happen, but it wasn't to be.

On the way home, some light-weight rip-stop nylon banners taunted me, managing a slow flutter despite the almost calm conditions.

But there's always tomorrow!

About This Post: These days, most flight reports are in the short format you've just seen, above. Usually, video and/or photos are posted a few days later on the MBK Facebook Page. Longer format reports are done occasionally, which also feature photos and video taken on the day. Here is a link to all those full flight report pages on this site.

Oct 20, 2014

All Ages Come And Try Kite Flying Day

Plenty of photos, including some aerial ones, of the 'All Ages Come And Try Kite Flying Day' organized by AKFA in October 2014.

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Oct 16, 2014

KAP Report - Meningie from the football oval

KAP: Looking roughly south, from various altitudes up to 250 feet, from the football oval in Meningie, South Australia.

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Oct 16, 2014

Just Loving The Moderate Breeze!

An old flight report, featuring the tiny but trustworthy 1-Skewer Sled kite. Does well in anything from 8 to 25kph or there-abouts...

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Oct 15, 2014

Flight Report:
All Ages Come And Try Kite Flying Day

A long but apt title for the event, hosted by AKFA (the Adelaide Kite Flyers Association). Held at Fort Glanville beach last Sunday. Just hundreds of meters south of the Semaphore jetty, this local event attracted a sizeable crowd.

The AKFA president and his helpers were run off their feet making simple kites and handing out free kite kits for the kids. Several large kites normally only seen at the annual festival were floating about, helping to attract yet more of the public from the surrounding area. Wind speed: 14 to 17kph. In the 'Gentle' range, technically speaking.

Soon after arrival I put up the 2-Skewer Delta on just 30 or 40 meters (100ft+) of 20 pound Dacron. It seemed quite happy in the fairly constant breeze, so I left it tethered to a small sand-bag. After that, it was time to wander around, snapping photos of the various kites being flown. Plus a shot or two of the larger show kites as a group.

A friend of mine dropped in, using his superior camera to zoom in on various targets. Some of those images might bob up on the MBK site soon!

Later in the afternoon, we put up the big Fresh Wind Barn Door kite. The breeze, which had now strengthened considerably to 18kph with 22kph gusts, was adequate to keep the Barn Door high with camera rig dangling from the line. By the time I had completed a second flight for more photos, the breeze had increased again to 24kph gusting to 27kph. Probably well over 30kph at flying height.

The highlight for me was seeing a great-looking blue and white Genki in flight at around 300 feet. A very efficient high-aspect-ratio kite which looks something like an aircraft wing in flight.

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Oct 14, 2014

Flight Report:
The Big Kites Fly At Meningie

Last weekend we were invited down to Meningie (south of Adelaide in South Australia) to put on a kiting demonstration, as part of a local fair. Our host, Vern, also contributed by printing up a set of instructions and pre-printed A4 (similar to Letter size) kites for kids to make up on the spot.

After parking on the oval near the club-rooms, we soon had a colorful windsock erected on a fiberglass fishing pole. Posters of the MBK Multi-Dowel Box and Barn Door kites adorned Vern's ute (pick-up). Slipped under the wiper-blades on the wind-screen!

After a while there were dozens of people walking around the stalls. Meanwhile, we had lofted a number of kites. Including the big Multi-Dowel Sled. Quick to rig and pulls like a horse even in light breezes. Although winds over the grass were light at times, the gusts higher up seemed to be quite robust. Hence the Fresh Wind Barn Door was later rigged and launched. It was just left to its own devices for quite a while, lashed to the iron railing which surrounded the oval.

A less windy period towards the middle of the day saw us launch the bigger Multi-Dowel Barn Door, since its fresh-wind cousin kept sinking out to the grass! We even tried the big Multi-Dowel Delta at one point, but the gusts proved too strong and it was taken down before any damage occurred.

Finally, the KAP rig was put up under the Sled for a couple of 20-shot sequences. Unfortunately, most people had left by this time. But at least there were some half-decent aerial shots of the parked cars and club house area.

Nice weather, nice place - we'll remember it for quite a while!

About This Post: These days, most flight reports are in the short format you've just seen, above. Usually, video and/or photos are posted a few days later on the MBK Facebook Page. Longer format reports are done occasionally, which also feature photos and video taken on the day. Here is a link to all those full flight report pages on this site.

Oct 09, 2014

Trimmed Out And Flying High

An old flight report, featuring the Dowel Delta which has 1.2m (4ft) spars made from 5mm hardwood. Ours has a sail made from thin garden bag plastic, and is great for catching thermals on a light wind day. But the wind doesn't have to be super-light for this kite to fly well...

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Oct 05, 2014

Impressive Flight

I was looking to make a skewer kite today but ended up stumbling upon your paper sled design which didn't require a run to the store to get skewers! The

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