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Jul 30, 2015

Flight Report:
Risky Roller Ride

Risky but fun! Just had a fascinating little flight out on the side lawn, with the 2-Skewer Roller kite. About enough space for two people to swing one cat each out there, simultaneously. If you get my drift.

It was right at sun-down, with large thick clouds lowering what was left of the late afternoon light.

After two or three attempts to pull the kite up above gutter height, on just a few meters of 20 pound Dacron, success. Now the kite was just hanging up there in the cool light breeze. Down low, the line direction had been everywhere. An occasional gentle fluttering could be heard from the trailing edges as the plastic and bamboo craft sat just above roof height, indicating a northerly wind direction.

As a distant rain squall approached from the west, the little Roller rose, sank and flitted about in the light gusts. A bird landed on the neighbor's roof and glanced at the kite. First with one eye, then with both - beak extended towards the kite.

I let out as much line as I dared. The peach tree, thorny rose bushes and a Hills Hoist cloths-line lay in wait, but were disappointed. An occasional tug on the line was required to urge the pale orange craft back up to high line angles.

And then small raindrops began to fall. As the shower slowly intensified I got busy winding line back on and keeping an eye on the kite's position at the same time. Soon the Roller was safely back on the lawn.

It seemed the breeze was no more than 12kph or so, although a weather site was indicating gusts to 31kph. Meanwhile, the clouds scudding overhead from the west were going even faster.

About This Post: These days, most flight reports are in the short format you've just seen, above. Longer format reports are done occasionally, which also feature photos and video taken on the day. Check out the full flight report pages on this site. Or even the aerial photography pages, which also contain flight reports.

Jul 29, 2015

Adelaide Kite Festival

Although this is a previously published page from 2011, give it a look through anyway, if pictures of kites interest you. And there's a bit more than just kites, too...

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Jul 25, 2015

Flight Report:
Wild Winds And Rain...

...did not stop two intrepid kitists (how's that for a word) from having a go this afternoon. We were down at Knox Park at the appointed hour, this normally being the monthly MBK Kite Fly. Both of us had Fresh Wind Box kites at the ready. That's the MBK dowel box design modified for fresh winds.

First up was Trev's box kite. Unfortunately it didn't last long in the punishing conditions. On double-checking my Making Dowel Kites e-book at home, I discovered that an important change had not found its way into the e-book. The small e-book for just that one kite had been updated, but not the larger compilation e-book for all the Dowel kites. Tsk tsk I'm sorry people... You see, the horizontal cross-pieces need to be 6mm dowel, not 5mm like the rest of the spars and cross-pieces. Fixing this oversight is next on the to-do list.

After this, I put up my own well-worn and repaired Fresh Wind Box kite. For more than half an hour it zoomed about on 90 meters (300 feet) of 50 pound Dacron line. Despite not being a particularly large kite it required gloves to fly it today! Ouch.

At least two wind squalls passed over the field, although the rain held off for more than an hour. During the squalls, the 1.2m (4ft) long box kite stretched the line super-tight and emitted noises like a jet aircraft. The Dacron line joined in too sometimes, vibrating in a high-pitched squeal. In fact, I got the camera to record some of that by pressing the camera case against the line while taking a movie!

The longitudinal spars took on graceful complex curves as huge forces came to bear on the cell panels. But the kite survived, thanks to its 6mm cross-pieces!

Meanwhile, Trev had fairly successfully flown his Pterodactyl kite in the somewhat slower air below tree-top height. Even so, the breeze was so strong for it that the dino's head/beak got bent sideways from time to time! Deary me, that's like a rudder on the wrong end...

Finally the rain arrived and we hurriedly took everything down and got out of there. Hardly a scrap of sunlight had peeped through the whole time but some fun was had after all.

At head-height, a gust was recorded at 36kph, but the forecast indicated gusts to the mid-40's at higher altitudes.

"Simplest Dowel Kites": A free but very useful kite-making e-book. Make a super-simple Sled, Diamond and Delta - step-by-step with photos. Sign up for the e-book and fly something high tomorrow!

Jul 24, 2015

KAP Report - Adelaide CBD 2

KAP: Various perspectives of the Adelaide CBD in South Australia, viewing it from the eastern parklands.

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Jul 22, 2015

KAP Noarlunga Centre

A previously published page featuring aerial photography of a local shopping center complex. Several large photos in a panoramic sequence.

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Jul 20, 2015

Flight Report:
Dowel Box Kite Limps Into The Air

Well, you would think it would 'limp' with a broken longitudinal spar, but in fact the kite flew pretty well.

Picking up the kite this morning, I had a vague thought that it might not be 100%, but didn't remember the broken spar until rigging it out at the field! Never mind, there was plenty of breeze so it was worth a shot. In any case, when the accident first happened some weeks ago, the kite continued to fly...

The top front portion of the upper cell would sometimes fold downwards and come to rest against the cross-pieces. However, the fault being symmetrical, the kite still had ample lifting force and no tendency to turn.. The wonky upper cell had a noticeable effect, giving the 1.2m (4ft) tall Box kite a small turbo-boost when it flipped open. And a light tap on the brakes when it came down again.

The breeze today was extremely gusty, going from around 5kph right up to the mid-twenties. A few launches were necessary before the kite finally stayed up in the stronger airflow above 100 feet altitude. Some video was taken, from two different perspectives.

Aren had a friend along who commented that the kite was 'huge'. That made me smile, as I waited for Aren to come back with some sort of 'you ain't seen nothin' yet ' kind of comment. Which he duly did. My lad has seen most if not all of the 2.4m (8ft) Multi-Dowel kites in action.

Eventually I let out around 90 meters (300 feet) of the 50 pound Dacron line and it was fun seeing and feeling the kite charge around the cloudless winter sky. Sometimes low, sometimes high, depending on the presence of weak rising air. Also, the line angle was affected by periods of stronger wind which tossed around the leafy tree-tops surrounding the field.

About This Post: These days, most flight reports are in the short format you've just seen, above. Longer format reports are done occasionally, which also feature photos and video taken on the day. Check out the full flight report pages on this site. Or even the aerial photography pages, which also contain flight reports.

Jul 16, 2015

Flight Report:
2-Skewer Sled On Thread

Time to fly another bright-orange 2-Skewer kite. I've been chastised for posting too much blue-kite-in-blue-sky you see, mainly on Facebook. I admit that it was a bit boring, visually. Hence the skewer kites have been the first choice for a little while now!

Today's flights were combined with a walk with Aren, who kept up on his scooter. Rolled up, the kite and its square cardboard winder were effortless to carry. Aren continued to scoot at the reserve while the Sled did it's thing in the cool winter air.

Large banks of cloud were everywhere, one of which fortuitously hid the sun while I took video. Yes, the wind direction had once again placed the kite directly in line with the sun...

The breeze seemed to be gusting close to moderate speeds, that is around 20kph. A little dicey for the Sled, which initially flew straight up on 10m (30ft) of polyester thread. The kite stayed up long enough to get some video however.

On a second flight, with more thread let out, there was some tendency for the sail to collapse due to excessive wind speed during the gusts. Again and again, the bright orange Sled kite flopped shut but just as regularly the sail would re-inflate with a pop. This would happen every few seconds during long gusts.

Finally, as half expected due to the age of the kite, a taped tip came loose. This quickly brought the kite back to the damp green grass. Easily fixed of course, with some electrical tape that I had stowed in a pocket.

Finally, after about 30m (100ft) of thread was taken off the winder, the kite found less chaotic air...

The breeze now being just below the kite's upper limit, the small Sled flew smoothly at around at 60 degrees of line angle. The dark thread remained in an almost straight line to the kite for minutes at a time.

Nice flying indeed. With the sum total of equipment being used probably worth less than $2!

"Simplest Dowel Kites": A free but very useful kite-making e-book. Make a super-simple Sled, Diamond and Delta - step-by-step with photos. Sign up for the e-book and fly something high tomorrow!

Jul 15, 2015

Kite Running

A previously published page. Perhaps you have heard of the novel, 'The Kite Runner'. Read this page and find out what kite running actually is!

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