Dragon kite

by Phil Sinclair
(Cornwall U.K.)

Dragon in flight.

Dragon in flight.

This 23 ft dragon kite took me about 4 months to design and make and over 30 hrs to sew it. I have shown it in the past at Weymouth and Bristol kite festivals. Hope you like it!

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by: Phil Sinclair

Many thanks for all of your great comments on my dragon kite. Am now finishing off a devil kite of similar size.

Looks excellent!
by: Anonymous

My LARP (Live Action Role-Playing) group and I would like a dragon kite for ambience. I remember my brother making a non-dragon kite out of something that resembles tin foil, but was much lighter. Do you know what that might be?

by: Blazingdragon8

It looks impossible to make! I've spent hours trying to make a kite and ended with a small white kite that barely even soars five feet. I wish I could make a kite like that.

(T.P. - try one of my Simple Series kites. The Diamond, Delta or Sled. They all take less than an hour to make, and fly pretty well. See 'Simple Kites' near the top left of this page...)

Bristol International Kite Festival 2011
by: Phil

Thanks for all your nice comments about my Dragon. I took it to the Bristol International Kite Festival on 4th Sept this year 2011 and flew it with the other public who had kites. They loved it and were filming and taking pics of it.

by: Tuesday

wow how do u make kites its like impossible wen i try it ur da best tht kite iz soooooo awesome :D

Very Nice
by: Anonymous

It looks so nice in the picture. When actually fly that moment is different, full of happiness.

by: Raimo


by: Anonymous100034


nice kite
by: Anonymous

hi! how nice ur kite is!
i wish i can learn it too!

by: Tony

I like it a lot. How much are you selling a replica if so?

hey spop
by: Anonymous

i love your kite lol

by: Ambilla

Hi ur kite is tha bomb man it is so cool
I was like what the hell my gosh that is the most coolest kite ive eva seen in my life man that is so cool.

Must of been a big challenge that is awesome.

Dragon kite as twin line
by: Wayne

Your kite looks great. Imagine that as a twin line stunt kite. Would look pretty cool diving left and right.

by: Karin

Your dragon kite would fit so nicely with the unit about dragons that I teach. :-)

Love dragons
by: Karen

Wow! Very creative!

by: Kite

Man that is one awesome kite.
I never had saw kite that BIG it is real neat!

Dragonheart Kite
by: Ferdz08

Great kite! I love its color and the details are
excellent! I wish to have one.

by: Anonymous


by: Tim Parish

Great photo Phil, thanks! I'm sure your Dragon kite attracts a lot of interest wherever you fly it. People down at the local park would be blown away...

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