Beach Kites Clouds

A Small But Quality Photo Gallery

Here's a select bunch of images from the snap-happy crowd at, featuring beach kites clouds and general kite-surfing action! Most of these photos feature Leading Edge Inflatable kites (LEIs), favored by kite surfers for their heavy pulling power and their ability to easily re-launch from water.

This Ocean Rodeo Sports Razor Kite on Amazon is a fine example of these pricey special-purpose designs.

As far as kites go, I'm more of a single-liner man, so I'll stick to commenting on the photography here!

A bit further down, the emphasis shifts to finely detailed close-up shots of these large and spectacular kites.

Finally, I picked a shot which manages to cram into frame a surprising number of these surfing kites in action! A real eye-catcher.

But first, here are 8 action shots of this popular water sport...

An amazing study in shades of blue, with hardly any trace of other colors. Interesting textures in the water, too. Taken with an iPhone apparently.

Beach Kites - amazing study in shades of blue.

Photo courtesy of
Ines Hegedus-Garcia,


A very confident kite surfer, restraining a large kite with one arm, while dragging the other in the water...

Restraining a large kite with one arm, while dragging the other in the water

Photo courtesy of Dan Zen.

Down at the beach kites high up where it's a bit more manageable. Interesting photo, with the sun below the back-lit, bird-like purple kite. Everything's happening down the right-hand third of the image! Unusual composition, but it works for me.

Beach Kites -

Photo courtesy of "Paleontour".

The 300 pixel width doesn't really do this photo justice, due to the texture effect which is more apparent at larger sizes. However, the hand-painted, stormy feel does come across well. Marvelous image!

Textured black and white image.

Photo courtesy of Ingrid Taylar.
Here's the original photo.

Down at the beach kites are in the air and a lone figure strolls in the foreground... You can just about feel the breeze and the warmth of the sun emanating from this great pic!

Many colorful surfing kites in the air.

Photo courtesy of Michael Oh.

Fine action shot of the kite straining against a stiff breeze, with the surfer almost obscured by spray. Some still shots still manage to convey a sense of movement, without any speed-blur, don't they...

A speeding kite surfer obscured by his own spray.

Photo courtesy of Francois.

Slightly lazier feel in this photo, of 2 kite surfers in action at Haifa beach. Kites for surfing are also popular in Israel.

2 kite surfers in action at Haifa beach, in Israel.

Photo courtesy of David King.

Love the camera angle on this photo. The power kite is firmly in the foreground, in an idyllic setting.

Nice camera angle. The power kite is firmly in the foreground, in an idyllic setting.

Photo courtesy of Vicki Watkins.

At The Beach, Kites In Close-Up

Great shot, taken near sundown. You can even see the bridle fittings!

Great into-sun shot of a surfing kite, taken near sundown.

Photo courtesy of José Pérez.

Another superb shot, with the battens and bridle detail along the leading edge easily apparent.

Another superb shot, with the battens and bridle detail along the leading edge easily apparent.

Photo courtesy of Thomas Kriese.

Talk about a high-visibility color combination against the blue sky! A jolt of yellow, with some jet black areas and searing red spars. Some rather cool artistic motifs as well.

On this kite, a high-visibility color combination against the blue sky!

Photo courtesy of Lars Nøttaasen.

A very crisp image in larger sizes, showing every detail of the lettering, bridle and general structure of the kite.

Brown and white LE.

Photo courtesy of
"Smudge 9000".

Another fine close-up, showing many small details of the kite.

Large black and white LEI kite.

Photo courtesy of
Erin Kohlenberg.

An awesome photo, no doubt helped by the kite being in the right spot at the right time! The sun shining through the translucent sail layers shows up the art work on both sides. It's another study in shades of blue like the very first image on this page. If you count black as being a very dark shade of blue, I suppose!

Amazing image of a translucent blue LEI kite.

Photo courtesy of Igor Klisov.

Racing - Beach Kites And Hills

A remarkable photo, particularly with the positions of the kites almost matching the profile of the hills in the background. I don't think I've ever seen so many kites over the water and in the same frame like this, so just had to include it here...

The start of a kite racing event perhaps.

Photo courtesy of Chelsie.

For a close-up look, check out this Ocean Rodeo Sports Razor Kite on Amazon. You would need to have your power-kiting skills polished up before going out on the water with that!


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