Tetrahedral kite

by Susan Drey
(Omaha, NE, USA)


Ok, I have made the Rokkaku, the Box and the Roller, and all turned out amazing. I will attach videos and photos.

But, the tetrahedral is a problem with the joined ends. I have used the exact methods and tape that you recommended, although, when I place all the tetrahedrons together, some of the taped ends rip apart - leaving dangling spars.

I do the roll tape thing, but sometimes it just wants to break at the end of the spar.


Good to hear the success story regarding those first 3 kite designs! As for the tetrahedral kite, I can only suggest using a little more length of tape on the roll-up joins. You could also try using a different brand of tape, or simply a fresh roll, in the hope of getting better adhesion onto the bamboo.

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