Tethered Flying - Premium

Q: What is Tethered Flying - Premium?

A: paid version of the free publication Tethered Flying which goes out to kite-lovers the world over. The paid version will provide you with a number of extras though. You will be sent...

  1. Everything that's in the free version.
  2. A section entitled Kite Making Of The Month. This is an on-going detailed recount of all my designing and building of new designs. Learn from my triumphs and the set-backs too :-)  There will be plenty of photos.
  3. Free access to all my kite-making e-books (printable, downloadable .pdf files). Yes I know, that's crazy!
  4. Free access to a few other kiting resources - also in .pdf format.
  5. Access to a monthly edited video, with a choice of either classical or alternate soundtrack. Compiled from footage taken during the Flight Report Of The Month outing. Sure beats the one still picture in the free newsletter!

Price? Just $3 U.S. dollars a month.

Note 1: File access is immediate, but your first paid issue arrives on the last Saturday of the month.

Note 2: If you are already subscribed to Tethered Flying, you will be automatically un-subscribed as you are added to the paid version.